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Gamification plugin

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    November 27, 2018 5:36 PM EST
    Does anyone know of one and can reccomend one ?

    Ideally I’d like to stick with SES or SEAO but would consider others if it’s reasonable.

    Usually gamification sort of plugin that I can customise with my own badges and awards. Bug free pleasereee
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    November 28, 2018 5:08 AM EST

    I don't know of one in the certified and I only recommend buying certified because we test those and there are requirements in place to ensure they are updated and supported by the experts who made them. I do think there's a contest plugin or two of them actually in the market. So for bug free that's the place to go but remember nothing is ever 100% bug free. 

    We do have plans moving forward to add something for gamification in the future though. 

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    November 28, 2018 5:26 AM EST
    I’ll wait till then, excited for what’s coming. Loved the spencer updates especially the acp
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    November 28, 2018 5:34 AM EST

    I'll see if we can get another sneak peek. :) 

  • November 30, 2018 12:34 AM EST

    I was going to recommend the Arcade plugin from Radcodes. But, they haven't switched to certified yet. I don't think Vincent ever will. Sad really. They and Younet can't, or refuse to bother with it as their last plugin updates were for 4.9.4. They made gaming plugins among others that were and still are very useful. SE Core still officially accepts non certified plugin uploads, so try and buy at your own risk from them if you so choose to. Radcodes over Younet is the way to go.

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    November 30, 2018 9:58 AM EST

    Hello and thanks for the replies. I think i may not have been clear on what it is I wanted. 


    What I would like is a sort of trophy system for user interaction on the website, so x amount of updates unlocks XX badge or award, pictures uploaded gets you another award and so forth, essentially a system to encourage interaction that rewards with personal achievements displaying to other users. 

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    November 30, 2018 10:01 AM EST

    just looked into radcodes and they have a plugin that does do what it looks like im aiming for, ive never heard of them before so thanks for sharing. 


    Only thing off putting is as you put their last update. 

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    November 30, 2018 10:41 AM EST

    Yes Radcodes used to be in the marketplace but he chose not to update his plugins to remove source and database edits for certification and so we do not know if he is still supporting his old plugins. Best to ask him but be aware of the edits to database and files. Cannot easily remove plugins that do that.

  • November 30, 2018 4:20 PM EST

    I can't speak for other plugins, however the ones I installed from Radcodes always asked me to confirm a source code file edit. Editing database queries from existing data may be bad, but doing it to enable specific features or disable them as an optional requirement may be helpful. Perhaps SE is interested in building a plugin which regularly checks for database and file edits to inform admins of changes that fail sanity checks via a curl task via task scheduler.