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Can't save changes in layout editor

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    January 12, 2019 6:47 AM EST

    I have 3 instalations of social engine and so decided I would use the new instalation no one had worked on and made changes to and copy the layout over to the older version. It saved once and then I could not save after I put the change back. I was trying to make it so that there was only one profile image and not the cover and the profile image on the members profile page. It won't save. I remove it click save nothing. I refresh and it's back. Anyone have any idea why it's doing this?

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    January 12, 2019 7:12 AM EST

    The hosting tech at liquideweb found the problem. It was a mod security issue. 

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    January 15, 2019 5:50 AM EST

    Yes our requirements recommend disabling mod_sec.