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Bulk Deal Ultimate Dating Package from SocialEngineSolutions

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    January 25, 2019 5:38 AM EST

    Here's a great deal for a dating site from the talented team at SocialEngineSolutions .

    Ultimate Dating Package

    A Complete Package for establishing your own online dating community @ 40% OFF!

    • Responsive Dating Theme
    • Professional Activity & Comments Plugin
    • Page Directories Plugin
    • Group Communities Plugin
    • Community Advertisements Plugin
    • Advanced Contests Plugin & it’s all extensions
    • Quotes Plugin
    • Member Profiles Cover Photo & Video Plugin
    • Popup Builder Plugin
    • Browser Push Notifications Plugin
    • Page Builder and Shortcodes Plugin
    • Professional Share Plugin
    • Professional Search Plugin
    • Double Banner Slideshow Plugin
    • JS & CSS Minify Plugin
    • Social Media Login Plugin
    • Professional Music Plugin
    • Social Meta Tags Plugin
    • Advanced Blog Plugin
    • PWA Plugin for Mobiles & Tablets
    • Advanced Error Pages Plugin
    • Questions & Answers Plugin
    • Auto Bot Actions Plugin
    • Professional File & Media Manager Plugin
    • Custom Avatar Plugin
    • Newsletter / Email Marketing Plugin
    • Advanced Polls Plugin
    • Professional GDPR Plugin
    • Advanced Footer Plugin
    • Discussions & External Links Posting Plugin
    • Fixed / Floating Page Columns Widget
    • Members Verification by Other Members Plugin
    • Multi-Use FAQs Plugin
    • Step by Step Webpage Tour
    • All in One Multiple Forms Plugin
    • Social Photo Media Importer Plugin
    • Multi-Use Team Plugin
    • Shoutbox Plugin
    • Quick & One Step Signup Plugin
    • Custom & Short Profile URLs Plugin
    • Professional Likes Plugin
    • Letter Avatar of Member Name Plugin

    SocialEngineSolutions is offering the following for this pack as well:

    1. First Installation Service is FREE on purchase of this package.
    2. Free 4 hours custom service, if contacted within 7 days of purchase of this package.
    3. Free Sample data for new websites, if contacted within 7 days of purchase of this package.

    Use the app support tab in the listing above to get more details of the offer from SocialEngineSolutions.