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  • February 24, 2019 1:18 PM EST
    Donna said:

    Elshara a few posts above you said:

    Elshara Silverheart said:
    Social Engine has the better developers working on it. PHPFox has sloppy coders and that makes them more error prone due to their current lax if any security measures. The only thing really going for them at the time was their template engine. Now that social Engine has ditched Zend entirely, there's no reason to really use them at all for much. The people who made that script work out the best, have all moved to Social Engine now. ray and Donna, the two master minds behind the success of modern social websites. Working to help keep Social Engine alive and well. The best parts of the web have come together. the reason why you notice nobody has posted for two years, is because the new back end was being built all this time. trust me this wasn't just a two week maintenance release. this was a core team of developers working together to make this all happen and include our feedback in the process alongside their own implementation of how people could best customize their site in as detail of a way as possible.

    Now you say:

    I remember those days two. That was before Room214 bought the company and Drew and John were the lead developers of the project. A lot of things felt more promising then. They still do now, but with less of an emphasis on public knowledge and more on private ammendmentship.

    I am not clear on which way you stand. I believe we are moving in the right direction in order to have the best technology available for clients. As for public knowledge, when phpFox was owned by Ray he didn't look at SE and try to copy everything. When it sold, our competition was always looking at SE to copy features and even the website. So, knowing that, we can't post everything that's coming like we used to do. We have to sorta follow Apple's methods and keep things private in order not to give the competition a way to release our features before we do. 



    Donna my position hasn't changed. We have the superior product already in hand. We also have the private channels using the forum to ensure that client specific information doesn't leak out. Information that's only available to signed in members of the official product forum.

    My point of view is clear in the notion where everyone's looking for a stable product line, and with that being said, Social Engine has always delivered that. Where my thoughts are coming from however, is the transparency of the ideas being offered to people who regularly use and pay for the product, especially now with recurring subscriptions to it.

    Your private tell only who must know plan schedule, works well for core team planning. but once a plan is set in motion, we must know about proposed upcoming changes and to be asked how well they would sit with us during the private community planning stages of the product we all use equally.. which is why we're asked for product feedback and improvement. Apple development with all due respect, has nothing to do with Social engine. Apple hides their plans for their phone, but only does so because they're worried that people with the same access to the manufacturing of other phones, will be able to copy them on it. with social engine code being closed source, the most a developer will be able to do is be able to similarly place information in a database. And with apps remotely hosted, that possibility narrows itself to a singular point of impossibility, simply because you need to be a client even to get access to the front end code to make the app work and that's not even possible with cloud sites currently. Even Boonex Dolphin and the modern day version of PHPFox as well as others in the closed source community, stress the importance of transparency through tips and advice sharing from core team members to help people feel more comfortable with their continued support and usage of the product at hand. Including Microsoft.

    So my point here is, seeing more of that from core team members using existing easy to do tips and tricks that you can apply to your community within the bounds of the current release capabilities isn't really breaking the vow on keeping quiet about new plans for the company. It's a separate issue entirely from core development, because the tips themselves involve already developed ideas within the bounds of code possibilities themselves. giving if anything, a huge advantage for SE, rather than a snag to explore or exploit by the competition.

    My current understanding of people unhappy with the current plan revolves around a resolution which will make this less of a moot point. If SE were to develop an importer and an exporter to address concerns of migration to and from the competition, it wouldn't matter what they built because the code base would be completely different. the competition stays in business because they have a similar business to offer. It's impossible to expect exclusivity rights to an idea, without coding it in such a way that it can't just be copied, hence the reason to move from php sooner.

    Also, this factor would likewise depend on ensuring that if the competition did copy functionality, such previous association by brand name in relation to other companies would do more damage in the same sentence than any code base because the comparison is based on what's offered now, not what was once made before. A perfect example of this is the relationship between Vbulletin and IPBoard. Mybb, PHPbb and Simple Machines Forum. Fudforum and others. All be the last few open source, what matters in a closed source community, is that you make the product improvements which remain as such confidently your own. The best way to do so, is to never lose site of any reasons why your customers wish to leave you. While bringing new customers in and keeping them from developing ideas for the competition in the process.

    This is why transparency is a vital part of the planning process. And it is only going to benefit SE if it is used more often. Once you built something, the commodity value only increases the more hands on deck being consulted which made it possible. those odds become harder and harder to copy from a competition's perspective, as the same people aren't there to help them. And even if they are, that's their right to do so, and is ultimately the right of the competition to accept or reject such offers. However, when it is first come first serve, and you're dealing with recurring ideas, the most important thing to keep in mind is promoting talk and action together. Something not even the competition has mastered as to do so, would mean that they'd have to invent a chief evangelist. There's no other Donna ***** in the world working for the competition now, which is what matters. it's never too late to gain something new. but to lose something existing, is the worst outcome for a business strategy.

    Should someone claim rights to a product idea before you, the right of way belongs to who can maintain it based on what the people ultimately want now to associate themselves with. At different points in our lives, we check out different companies to see if they can be improved, or if they have already done so. Such decisions start with, end in and rest with the people who presently keep the project alive. there's no replacement for passion, even if possibility has a doppelganger. The reason why I know this to be true, is because of personal experience. You are what you create, and when you stand by that decision, every focus helps.

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    February 24, 2019 1:28 PM EST
    Donna said:

    I'll go through the ones I can and comment in them today, on my own time.

    I've done a few today. Will do more as I can, not today.


  • February 24, 2019 2:00 PM EST
    playmusician said:
    Donna said:
    Elshara Silverheart said:
    PeppaPigKilla said:
    I share the concern if 3rd party devs do renta-plugins too. This will become a very expensive product fast.


    Depends if we can have access to the drawing board for paid ideas as customers. This will entice us to share some ideas with the company, and others with third party developers. Depending on our inner resolve, we could make a lot of money this way. Forget affiliate programs, lets develop together. We split the costs for the ideas. Between those who build it, those who market it being the original founders of them, and the customers who buy them. You don't need to be a coder to have great ideas. It takes one to share. And so likewise it should take another to build it. The more we make, the better the product is since we're all winning and exchanging monetary rewards so it's not all going to one place and sitting there.

    Of course there's product maintenance and such, but since we're essentially our own testers, any editions to the idea is on us to report to the respective developer who built it. Since apps are isolated now via Unite anyways, we could have many of us become developers in our own right to balance out the developing face of unite. Together we're more than comunity owners, if more than the majority of us are on the product forums like this one, trying to get ideas passed through. Why not get acknowledged for the credits.

    This is an intriguing idea. I'll bring it up to the team.


    This sounds great. We just forayed into commissioning and designing our first plugin and are looking to implement more of our custom ideas, design and solutions. One of the main things we could also help is with testing, we feel most 3dp plugins are not tested and rushed to market.


    Great idea :) would be interested to come on board if it pans out.



    Yes, we would essentially be able to give something back and could monitor it before it's released to the public. We'd be able to sell it out for money once it's developed to our specifications, so that others could improve upon it from there.

    I'm glad you approve of it. It's an academic improvement to the idea that we rely on only specific developers to make work for us. Should this be amended to include our ideas as part of it, I'd be honored to use mine and other peoples custom project ideas for my own site and give contributary credits as well as monetary donations to help them through. Absolutely without a doubt I would even enjoy testing them two. This way we could end the concept of private custom work once and for all, by specifying consent and cheaper consent to have our work be a publicly available app for use. It would also ensure that quality assurance is guaranteed as community owners.

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    March 2, 2019 4:49 AM EST

    Can the product key / serial key be hidden please behind master admin password or something please. 


    I dont like that now in SE4 that anyone with access to the ACP can see the SE key. 

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    March 2, 2019 5:00 AM EST
    PeppaPigKilla said:

    Can the product key / serial key be hidden please behind master admin password or something please. 


    I dont like that now in SE4 that anyone with access to the ACP can see the SE key. 

    Please feature request that if you haven't. I'll make sure to ask Monday if it's in the FR area.

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    March 3, 2019 8:56 PM EST

    Where do I go to do feature request? 


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    March 4, 2019 5:10 AM EST

    In the category for Unite Feature Requests. that post is in the category you need to post in and it tells how to submit one. The details we need in order to accept a feature request.

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    March 31, 2019 7:34 AM EDT

    I see you have the pretty new layout for your Unite. I won't be using Unite. I was going to buy more lic but that is not going to happen unless I see equal level of work and support on the PHP as on the cloud versions. I want to own the platform and be able to export the user database and import to another platform if needed. Also, it's like tax on success. At some point you pay more for users and 1000 and 10,000... or you pay more for traffic. And, you can't add the latest CPU or solidstate drives to your server when you want to have the best hardware.   And, most important you can't export the user database.  I don't won't be held hostage. Get on the php version and get high level suppport on it and I will buy more lic and even put a recomendation on my websites. If not then good luck. I will keep working on it when I can. 

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    April 1, 2019 7:58 AM EDT

    Since SE Unite will be available as a download version for self hosted clients, it is the future of SE. It is what we are focusing on. We have an importer on our list to do before releasing the download version so that self hosted clients will be able to import their current SEPHP site stuff to upgrade to SE Unite self hosted. It will be optional though so if anyone doesn't want to upgrade, they can still run legacy SEPHP.