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Storage Services - Local Storage vs S3 Uploads

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    February 25, 2019 10:52 AM EST

    Hey all,

    Whats the correct way to setup Local Storage and S3 Uploads


    Local Storage vs S3 Uploads


    Qtn# 1 Is it either / OR

    Should one or the other be enabled or can both be enabled?

    > If both are enabled ,

    Is a users uploaded image  stored twice - once in Local and once in S3?


    Qtn# 2

    > What exactly is stored and gets uploaded in S3

    >  the whole directory structure and data gets uploaded to s3?

    (everything in public_html)

    >  /application/, /externals, /public


    Qtn#2 If Local Storage AND S3 is enabled 

    >Where will a users uploaded image /photo etc be uploaded


    Trying to figure out how this works.




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    February 25, 2019 11:14 AM EST




    Both cannot be enabled. 


    <!--StartFragment -->


    storage contains images only




    Answered in the above screenshots. 



    So here

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    February 25, 2019 11:45 AM EST

    Hi PPk, thanks :)


    If its one or the other

    where are all the  mp3s, videos , documents of a user stored?


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    February 25, 2019 12:12 PM EST

    It only uploads images not the other files. 

    So mp3 videos and docs stay on your server 

    images get uploaded to S3

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    February 25, 2019 12:48 PM EST

    Sorry PPK, am a little confused

    "... 1/ Both cannot be enabled. "

    I have enabled both - image below.


    Does Local Storage mean - only a folder with users stored files 

    If its just a folder - what is the primary folder for local storage?

    where is it stored?


    Local Storage holds everything of social engine (public_html)