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Strengthen Community with Enhanced Speed & Security Solutions

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    March 1, 2019 6:56 AM EST

    Through this post we would like to address two main concerns which most of the community users have 'Speed' & 'Spamming'.


    Even a small security breach can be a death-knell for a website. Insecure website is a security risk to the website members and to the business as well. Studies say that website clean-up is more expensive than protecting it from threats. Below plugins can help in preventing such threats:

    Members Verification Plugin

    Authentic user base increases trustworthiness of the website. Using this plugin, members may verify other members thus eliminating users which could prove fatal to the website.

    Email ID Verification Reminder

    This can be the best tool to avoid spamming/fake users on the website. Using this the email addresses can be verified and the non-verified accounts gets suspended automatically.


    Website speed is key determinant of a website's success. No matter how alluring the content, the UI is on the website, a slow website will restrain users from using it and will let users to switch to competitors.

    To help achieving good website speed, below plugins can be of great help:

    Minify Plugin-Website Speed Up

    It improves speed by combining and caching multiple JS and CSS files. Multiple HTTP requests are eliminated thus reducing JS and CSS calls.

    Page Cache Plugin - Website Speed-up

    Caching is one of best technologies to use for fast websites. Cached page responses are rendered thus improving website speed.

    Lazy Loading Images – Page Speed

    80% of a web page load time is spent downloading different elements of the page like images, css, widgets, etc. Image load is delayed until required/demanded thus improving performance and offering user experience.

    For more info on any of the above suggestions, please contact us here.

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    March 1, 2019 7:48 AM EST

    We don't allow service advertisements without permission. Those were removed.

    A note to clients. The section above about security is not endorsed by SocialEngine as we do not share that opinion. Yes, it is important to protect against spam and those products can help with that. However, spam is more an SEO issue and website maintenance, and not security related. Having spam isn't good so it's great to protect against spam. We don't want our clients panicking and thinking that spam users are hackers. That is normally not the case and the two plugins listed will NOT secure your website against threats. 

    To do that, you need good hosting with security measures. Ensure that you never give out passwords to those you don't know. Protect your Root access details. Never, ever store backups on your main server. Especially never store backups in your public directories. Never ever allow anyone to leave a phpminiadmin file on your server. That's a very dangerous file to have on a server. 

    Most security is up to you, the client. Most security issues are from the above tips not being followed. Oh, never ever use the "remember me" when logging in with your super admin user. I actually have never used that feature for any user. I removed it from my sites as well. On my own sites, my super admin user is used just to log in to perform maintenance and clean up. My main user is not even able to access admin areas at all.