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SocialEngine Unite Version 1.0.1 Released!

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    March 21, 2019 5:44 PM EDT

    We've released SocialEngine Unite version 1.0.1 and it's live on our SaaS service! In this release, we've fixed bugs, improved features and updated our website. We haven't updated our SocialEngine Unite demo yet but will get that done asap.

    Issues fixed or improved:

    • Owner shouldn't be able to remove themselves from Admin Group - resolved this to ensure that owners don't remove themselves as owners which caused them not to be able to access the site.
    • Categories Missing in Dropdown - category list was hard coded to show 10 and any above that wouldn't show. This is for the list when posting an item such as blog, photo, video, etc.
    • Can't delete categories - Categories were unable to be deleted. 
    • SE What's New Widget Links Broken - the blog links in the What's New widget in ACP were broken.
    • Photo and Video Widgets Too Small in Side Columns - this caused issues in various themes when placing photo and video widgets in side columns. Content was squished.
    • Jumbotron has extra S after code - this was seen when using the Jumbotron and editing it.
    • Channels as Users - some channels were appearing in the user list in ACP.
    • Validation Error when Installing Another theme - error was seen when installing another theme other than default.
    • App Install Categories Missing - in some cases, when an app was installed it included no default categories.
    • Can't manage theme billing - themes had no deactivation or cancellation.
    • Mail Not Sending - emails weren't going out for invitations, verifications, etc.
    • Russian translation goes to ????? on site - Russian language translations showed ??? instead of the words.
    • Privacy List Missing Options - When having a lot of networks or channels and subscribed to those, more than 10, the list of available privacy options doesn't show all of the options available.

    Website issues addressed:

    • Fixed conflicting messaging regarding Unite trials.
    • Free SEPHP trial button phrase fixed.
    • Back end improvements for invoice and account management.
    • Improvements for demo seeding.
    • SEPHP plugin purchase improvement.
    • Adding missing links to purchase SE services.
    • Fixed menus at community.

    Scheduled for next release:

    Bug fixes and improvements:

    • Custom domain SSL support including www and non-www fixes.
    • Profile Pic and Banner Crop Errors on Edge.
    • Required pages should not be able to delete. Will create tutorial also in case clients want to disable required pages. This can be done easily by setting the user group access to Owner only.
    • Member approval or deny checkmark doesn't work.
    • Editing user waiting approval only shows Approve and no Deny button.
    • Deleted channel and categories still in db. This is due to the soft delete in order to preserve database integrity. The improvement will allow them to show as soft deleted with an option to re-enable.
    • Member approval email doesn't arrive.
    • Rename Network privacy to Community. This is privacy relating to profiles and is meant for community members but was labeled mistakenly as Network.
    • Bad Characters in ID Removes Member Level Settings.
    • Can't open the profile ... button on mobile.
    • NETWORK - Posts not Filtered in Fresh or Trending for privacy.
    • Missing Add and Upload Buttons in Some Apps.
    • Emoji on Mobile Off Screen.
    • New Unite Site Shows 56 Posts.
    • Using a Gmail alias throws an error.
    • When clicking Message icon in top menu, no button to create a message.
    • NETWORK - Users aren't notified of posts.
    • Notification count negative after marking all read.

    Website Improvements and fixes:

    • Fix issue with domain for SEPHP license and assigning to purchases.
    • Add Expired Sites to Client Dash and Expiration Date Until Deletion.
    • Expert review broken for some accounts.
    • Can't review installed app. 
    • Store Search Issues.

    The above is a tentative list of what's planned for version 1.0.2 release. This list can change if more critical bugs are reported. We slate a specific amount of bugs or improvements to be done per milestone in order to schedule releases and fix/test before releases.

    For those using our SocialEngine Unite SaaS, please fully clear browser cache if you don't see the improvements and fixes that are listed as finished.

    If you find bugs or have feature suggestions, please post those in the feature and bug sections of our community. If you find any security issues, please contact our support desk or use our contact form.


  • March 21, 2019 6:00 PM EDT

    Thanks for the road map.

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    March 22, 2019 8:43 AM EDT
    Hi Donna,

    1)Do I need a domain name to test new Unite?
    2)Can I use modules from PHP to Unite directly?
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    March 22, 2019 3:51 PM EDT

    Hi Social,

    1. No you don't need a domain, you can use the trial without a custom domain or try out the demo.

    2. No you can't use SEPHP modules in SE Unite yet. Once the download version is ready, developers will have a way to make hybrids of their current plugins or they can choose to make new apps with the newer coding methods. I'm sure third party developers will let clients know closer to that time what they'll be doing. Right now, they don't have a copy as there isn't a download version ready for them to see. 

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    March 22, 2019 7:29 PM EDT
    Thank you,Donna
    Understood.I am still trying to figure out by reading other posts about the Hybrids.The word always remids me of Toyota.Let's hope your hybrid will be as succesful as theirs.