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SocialEngine Unite Version 1.0.3 Released!

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    April 19, 2019 7:01 AM EDT

    We've released SocialEngine Unite version 1.0.3 and it's live on our SaaS service and website!

    Issues fixed or improved:

    • Fix SaaS slow emails.
    • Clicking "Points" or "Time posted" on guest book gives page not found error.
    • Profile Pic and Banner Crop Errors on Edge.
    • New Unite Site Shows 56 Posts.
    • Maintenance Mode no code shown.
    • Hashtags not showing in acp.
    • Can't change permissions for acp page.
    • Embedded links redirect to wrong url.
    • Can't post Link in Blog.
    • Invites show pending even after user registers.
    • Polaris - reactions upright and mashed up.
    • Momentum - left column bottom menus white on white.
    • Emoji on Mobile Off Screen.
    • Add appropriate class or id for custom page content.
    • Odd Scrollbar Issues for widgets in ACP as well as Store page and Billing.
    • Twitter sign up issue when user approval is enabled for registration.

    Website issues addressed:

    • Add newsletter signup in footer
    • Redirect for non www SocialEngine is not redirecting.
    • Blog at SE site is not importing images.
    • Using Gmail Alias Account Can't Purchase or Change Billing.

    Scheduled for next release:

    • Fix Avenue theme comments and whitespace.
    • Move "Email templates" to appearance from locale.
    • Fix search issues.
    • Deleting purchased theme doesn't fully remove the subscription or theme.
    • Deleting apps creates duplicates on reinstall.
    • Text unable to be seen for Channel in feed.
    • Disable ability to set disallowed pages as Guest and Member Home. When set, they broke sites.
    • Add contact menu to footer.
    • Improve ACP comments "view more" .
    • User can't edit a category an item is posted to.
    • Deleted user email doesn't clear out so editing another account to change to that email doesn't work.
    • Experts not getting contact emails or sales emails. (This is already fixed and live)

    We have more coming but the feature to add expired sites to the client's dashboard is a big item and can take longer than expected for development time. It is necessary as clients are wanting to be able to re-enable their Unite sites if the subscription expires. 

    Also in the works - a theme with improvements for accessibility issues. This will be released once we have more improvements in it. We'll keep updating it until it meets as much of the W3C as we can.


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