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SocialEngine Unite Version 1.0.4 Released!

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    May 1, 2019 2:30 PM EDT

    We've released SocialEngine Unite version 1.0.4 and it's live on our SaaS service and website!

    Issues fixed or improved:

    • Fix Avenue theme comments and whitespace.
    • Move "Email templates" to appearance from locale.
    • Fix search issues.
    • Deleting purchased theme doesn't fully remove the subscription or theme.
    • Deleting apps creates duplicates on reinstall.
    • Text unable to be seen for Channel in feed.
    • Disable ability to set disallowed pages as Guest and Member Home. When set, they broke sites.
    • Add contact menu to footer.
    • Improve ACP comments "view more" .
    • User can't edit a category an item is posted to.
    • Deleted user email doesn't clear out so editing another account to change to that email doesn't work.
    • Experts not getting contact emails or sales emails. (This is already fixed and live).
    • Stripe payment gateway not completing purchase.
    • Recommended widget pulling odd content not related to the channel.
    • URL parsing for non-latin characters in titles.
    • DOB displays January if set to Month/Day view.

    Still working on the accessible theme.