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SocialEngine Unite Version 1.0.7 Released!

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    September 30, 2019 1:08 PM EDT


    The SocialEngine team is pleased to announce the release of SocialEngine Unite version 1.0.7! Since the release of version 1.0.5, we’ve been very busy with improvements, creating an accessible theme, and squashing bugs!

    Here’s what’s new in SocialEngine Unite since version 1.0.5:

    Version 1.0.6

    • Networks - 
      • Improved privacy options in order to allow for complete private posting to networks with the exception of owner/admin users who can see all content on the site.
      • Added permission settings for who can view and post to each network category.
    • SMTP - Added support for SMTP providers.
    • Category Post and View Permissions - Added permissions to control which user groups can post to or view each category.
    • Added setting for admin to choose Trending or Fresh for the member dashboard. This allows admin to show more content to new users as the default “My Feed” would be empty for a new user until they add content.

    Version 1.0.7

    • User Group icon! Based on feedback from clients, this was the most requested feature and we heard ya loud and clear! You can now add a FontAwesome icon when creating or editing a user group. This icon shows next to the user’s displayed name throughout the site. Below, we use a paw for this user group but you could use a checkmark or any other FontAwesome icon you desire! 

    • Networks - Users will receive notifications of posts to networks they’ve joined. 
    • Invite - improved to allow viewing of the invite code in ACP in case a recipient doesn’t get the email. This way, an admin can copy and paste the info to a user requesting it.
    • Currencies - we’ve added support for several currencies! More will be coming later. 
    • Bug fixes and Multi-lingual improvements.

    Subscriptions for Unite start at an affordable monthly base price. Apps can be chosen during site creation in order to customize your site features and also manage the billing according to your budget. You can check out our live demo and then try SocialEngine Unite for free with a 14-day trial!