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Inability 2 Review a purchasd Plugin-possibly due 2 Certified?

  • gs
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    December 15, 2017 3:35 PM EST

    (please forgive my abbreviations and acronyms in the Topic Title - hit the low 64-char limit again)



    I reviewed this Plugin before the new Marketplace changes, and noticed today that there were not review for it.  So I tried to create a review but there was no way of doing so.  Is this because I purchased it prior to it being in the 'Certified' Marketplace, and thus I don't have the privilege to review?


    If the above is true, this was one of my concerns way back when the new Certified Plugin/Marketplace was implemented.  So, not only is my review gone, but it seems I'm not able to review the Plugin (even though I purhased it 2 years ago).  So it seems my time has been wasted, my review discarded, and SEE has lost a review and recommendation of its excellent Tasks Plugin.


    (ps. and yes, it was SEE's Tasks Plugin not SEM's Tasks Plugin - although I have many SEM Plugins, I already had SEE's which included the ability to assign Tasks to User(s)).  Both of course are excellent 3PDs in my 2+ year experience of working with them and using their Plugins.

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    December 16, 2017 4:46 AM EST

    This is in the terms for the marketplace. We needed it to be an even playing field. We moved the old reviews to the archived review tab that each product has so that they wouldn't lose their reviews. You cannot review a product twice either. Please also do read the new marketplace terms which do state that only certified purchases can make new reviews on certified products (still within the one review policy).

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  • gs
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    December 17, 2017 2:59 AM EST

    ==> We moved the old reviews to the archived review tab that each product has so that they wouldn't lose their reviews

    Where is this tab?


    ==> You cannot review a product twice either. 

    I realize that and was not trying to do so.  As I mentioned, there were no reviews (i.e. mine was gone).


    I apologize as I misread certified 'purchases' as 'products', and although I have this certified product, it was not a certified 'purchase', hence I realize why I can't post a review (but don't understand why my original review does not exist - and yes, it existed because SEE contacted me after it was posted).

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    December 17, 2017 4:36 AM EST

    Sorry about that. I didn't click your link before checking. That was a new submission so it didn't have other reviews before. For current marketplace products, old reviews go into the archive tab as seen here, . When an expert submits a new product, there are no archives as it's new. If they want to submit a current product for certification, they edit it and choose to submit for certification. In that way, the current reviews move to an archive tab. This expert didn't do that for this product. Perhaps it is a different product or new version of the product that they wanted to do as certified.