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Add This

  • SocialEngine has AddThis integrated to help you grow your website and engage your members. With AddThis, your members will enjoy easy sharing to their friends or social profiles. This article will help you learn how to enable AddThis for your website.

    Tools Needed for This Tutorial:

    • Site Admin Account, logged in to your SocialEngine website.
    • AddThis account.
    • AddThis “HTML Website” code from your AddThis account (more details below).

    How to Get Your AddThis Code

    1. Log in to your Add This account and click the Tools menu at the top of the page.
    2. Click "Add New Tool" on the right.
    3. Choose “Share Buttons .”
    4. Select a tool type - we chose “Floating.” Click “Continue.”
    5. Customize the tool how you want it and click “Save & Continue.”

    How to Enable AddThis for Your Site

    1. Click "Get the Code" in the top menu at Add This.
    2. Copy the code from the “HTML Website” tab.
    3. In your admin panel navigate to Settings > General Settings
    4. Paste the code in the “Social Share Block Code” input box:
    5. You now need to add the block where you want AddThis to show. Navigate to Appearance > Layout Editor.
    6. Select the page you want to add this to, or choose "Site Header" for site wide. 
    7. Drag the “Social Share” block to the left where you want it. Since we chose a vertical sidebar AddThis toolbar, it doesn’t matter exactly where we place the block.
    8. Click “Save Changes” to save the page.
    9. Do this for each page you want the share toolbar to appear on if you didn't choose to put it in the site header.