Classifieds » Content Creation » Multi-Use Tutorials Plugin

Classifieds » Content Creation » Multi-Use Tutorials Plugin

Multi-Use Tutorials Plugin

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.3.0
  • Latest Product Version 5.3.0
  • Modifies SE Core No


  • Responsive Yes
  • Included Free Free initial installation, Free Upgrades, 90 days complimentary support (per support terms), 1 hour free customization (restrictions and terms apply)

Sales and Support Info


Create FAQs, Tutorials, Help centers, Knowledge base and similar knowledge sharing tool to create a small wiki about all the information and functionalities on your website.

Tutorials are very effective and important when you run a website and you receive lot of emails from your users who are your potential customers, bloggers, commenters or just visitors. There are chances that the queries you receive are same most of the times and you have to send same reply to each query again and again. As a business owner, this is a wastage of your support team’s time or your own precious time in just repeating the same boring answers to the same queries multiple times.

This plugin will be very profitable and time saving tool for your website as with this plugin you can add a list of most commonly and frequently asked questions and you can simply refer your users to this list, or visitors may stumble upon it themselves, saving you the time and trouble of responding to all the multiple emails of same query.

Moreover, after asking a question and waiting for the answer can delay the decision of your users to buy, join or for any other purpose on your website. During that time, you may loose a user completely or you may have to chase behind him to join, purchase or for any other purpose. But, with Tutorials you can give your users the right information from beginning to end. This plugin is capable to be used as FAQs, Help centers, Knowledge base or similar knowledge sharing tool to create a small wiki about all the information and functionalities on your website.

Since, people are time poor now, they may not want to read or go through huge writings, so this plugin provides you the option to Categorically display the Tutorials with more than 4 designs. You can show Tutorials in simple Links, or expanded view with answers, in grids, etc. There are various general widgets which can be placed anywhere on the site enabling you to place Tutorials on different places.

Table of Content widget will show a table of content of all the categories, 2nd level categories and 3rd level categories with Tutorials in them. This will also show a proper numbering of the content shown in it. You can choose to Expand it, Collapse it or provide the option to Expand / Collapse to your users. When this widget is placed on the view page, the current Tutorial being viewed will be highlighted in this widget. In short, this widget will enable you to create a complete knowledge base or tutorial on your website.



  • 100% Responsive

    The Tutorials are optimized for all devices and will automatically adjust to the resolution of your website in Mobile phones, tablets and desktop.

  • Banner with Tutorial Search via AJAX

    3 Attractive Designs in banner with option to enable / disable AJAX Search of Tutorials, full width banner display, Tutorials with Titles. You can also add Title and Description to the banner.

  • Re-ordering of Tutorials

    Tutorials can be easily reordered by simply clicking on the Tutorials and dragging them up or down from admin panel.

  • 3 Unique and Attractive Design Layouts & more

    Grid View, 2 List Views, Carousel, etc. are there in the plugin which will provide users an attractive layout and design.

  • More than 5 Views for Displaying Categories

    This plugin provides you more than 5 designs for displaying categories and 2nd level categories on your website. Separate page for Browse Categories and Category View page for better display.

  • Settings to change text “Tutorial” & “Tutorials”

    Admins can change the text “Tutorial” & “Tutorials” to any other text like “Knowledge base, Tutorials, Help Center,etc” using which you can use this plugin for many other functionalities.

  • Add & Manage Tutorials

    Admins can add and manage Tutorials on their websites from the admin panel. Each Tutorial can be managed, enabled and disabled easily from the admin panel.

  • Group Tutorials by categories

    Tutorials can be grouped by 3 level of categories for their easy navigation and listing on your website. Users would be able to find their required information in categorical display.

  • Visibility Privacy for Each Tutorial

    Each Tutorial can be made visible based on the Member Level, Network and Profile Type of the member who view it.

  • 3rd Party Plugins Supported

    You can add categories, Tutorials of SocailEngine Plugins, our plugin, other 3rd party plugins or any other information / detail on your website to this plugin.

  • User can Ask Questions

    Instead of writing Tutorials for various features and sections of your website, if you users are not satisfied, they can Ask Questions from this plugin which you can answer from the admin panel or make Tutorial of that plugin.

  • Share Tutorials on social media

    Tutorials and categories can be shared on social media as well thereby increasing the popularity of your website. When people will find anything useful, chances are they will share it with their friends too.

  • Import of Tutorials from CSV

    You can easily import Tutorials on your website from the admin panel of this plugin from a csv file into all the 3 level of categories. Importing Tutorials via csv will create Tutorials in bulk on your website in very less time.

  • Allow People to Comment & Like

    Your users can Comment and Like on individual Tutorial thereby enabling your users to express their thoughts and liking for an Tutorial. This will help other people visiting the same Tutorial on your website.

  • Allow People to Rate

    Your users can give rating on the Tutorials on your website. You can choose to display the Tutorials on your website based on the rating, so that people can read most rated Tutorials first.

  • Allow People to mark Tutorials as Helpful

    Your users can mark Tutorials as Helpful on your website. You can choose to display the Tutorials on your website based on the helpful statistics, so that people can read most helpful Tutorials first.

  • Tag Keywords for Better Searching

    You can add tags to Tutorials which will help your users to easily and quickly search the questions of their interest.

  • Simple and Clear View Page for Tutorials

    This plugin provides very simple and clear view page for the Tutorials on your website which is appropriate to display the information very neatly and easily readable.



Display Tutorials Attractively with Home Page and Browse Page


Display Categories


Display Tutorials based on their Categories on Browse Categories page and Category View Page


Ask Question

Users can ask questions from the form and you can choose to answer that question from the admin panel. This question can also be chosen to make as an Tutorial on your website.


Tutorial View Page

Very neat, clean, simple and attractive view page to display the Tutorial which properly delivers the information you want to show with the Tutorials on your website.


Table of Content

Create Unlimited Tutorials

You can create unlimited Tutorials and choose categories, view privacy, search visibility for each.


Create Categories

You can create categories, 2nd level categories & 3rd level categories with icon, URL slug, banner, etc on your website for better categorically display of Tutorials.


This tool will reduce your support time to answer similar queries via Tutorials and will help you increase sales and user engagement on your website.


  • Banner with Tutorials Search: Displays a banner with the auto-suggest search box for Tutorials. As user types, Tutorials will be displayed in an auto-suggest box. This widget can be placed any where on the website.

  • Table of Content: Displays all Tutorials and categories in table of content format. You can place this widget at any place of your website. This widget will highlight the Tutorial being viewed, is this is placed on Tutorial View Page.

  • Browse All Tutorial Tags: Displays all Tutorials tags on your website. The recommended page for this widget is “SES – Tutorials – Browse Tags Page”.

  • Tags Cloud / Tab View: Displays all tags of Tutorials in cloud or tab view.

  • Tutorials Browse Search: Displays a search form in the Tutorials browse page. Edit this widget to choose the search option to be shown in the search form.

  • Tutorial View – Breadcrumb: Displays breadcrumb for Tutorials. This widget should be placed on the Tutorials View Page.

  • Category View – Banner: Displays category banner. This widget will be place only on “Tutorials – Category View Page”.

  • Categories Hierarchy Sidebar View: Displays all the categories of this Tutorial plugin in category level hierarchy view as chosen by you. Edit this widget to choose to show / hide icons in this widget. Clicking on any category in this widget will redirect users to the Browse Tutorials page.

  • Categories of all Levels: Displays 2nd-level or 3rd level categories and Tutorials associated with the current category on the respective category’s view page. This widget should be placed on the “Tutorials – Category View Page”.

  • Category Associated Tutorials: Displays Tutorials based on main category. This widget only for browse category page only.

  • Browse Tutorials: Displays Tutorials on browse page only.

  • Categories Icon View: Displays Tutorials categories in icon view. This widget can be placed anywhere on the website.

  • Tutorials Navigation Menu: Displays a navigation menu bar in the Tutorials Pages for Browse Tutorials, Tutorials Home, Categories, etc pages.

  • Related Tutorials widget: Displays a list of other Tutorials that are related to the current Tutorial based on category. This widget will be placed on the “Tutorials – Tutorial View Page”.

  • Sidebar Popular Tutorials widget: Displays popular Tutorials in the sidebar of your website. This widget can be placed any where on the website.

  • Tutorial View Page: Displays detailed information for the Tutorial. This widget should be placed on the “Tutorials – Tutorial View Page”.

  • Categories Carousel: Displays categories in attractive carousel in this widget. This widget can be placed any where on the website.

  • Popular Categories: Displays all Tutorials categories in grid and list view. This widget can be placed anywhere on the site to display Tutorial categories.

  • Categories with Tutorials: Displays Tutorials based on Category.



  • Choose text for “Tutorial” and “Tutorials”.

  • Choose text for the URL “tutorial” and “tutorials”.

  • Admin can Add & Manage Tutorials.
    – Admin can reorder the Tutorials from Manage section

  • Add and manage Categories, 2nd-level categories and 3rd level categories.

  • Based on Member Levels of the user, Admin can enable / disable them:
    – to view Tutorials
    – to ask question
    – to comment on Tutorials
    – to rate Tutorials
    – to select Tutorials as Helpful

  • Admin can import Tutorials via CSV file.