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We all are totally aware about the fact that how fastly mobile apps are making revolutionary changes in the tech world today, this form of marketing is growing fast with no sign of slowing down as people are getting engaged with each other through Mobile phones more. A simple mobile app can make you comfortable more, to grow your business.

Get our Native Android Mobile App for your social network and bring more user engagement for your website and app.

What Make our Apps Unique?

Our Apps are unique due to various factors. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Clean Code: Our Android app uses clean code which makes the app load fast in mobile phones. All SE standards are followed during the development. Code is compatible with the latest version of SE.

  • Light Weight: Our Android app is lightweight and this it gets installed very quickly on mobile phones. If your users will have a slow internet speed, then they will not have to wait to long for the app to get installed. It is a wait of few seconds only.

  • Easy To Customize: Our apps code is very clean and is thus easy to customize which means low cost, if you plan to go for any custom work in the apps. The app also has a powerful admin panel which gives you many customization options.

  • Affordable: Our mobile apps are available “as is” at affordable prices. This app comes with 2 Free Plugins to make your app more engaging and useful.

Why to Get Native Android App from Us?
  • Social Integration: Integrating social media sharing has become a necessity for every mobile application. Our apps allows your users to share content from app to various other supported apps installed in their phones.

  • Feedback system: Getting feedback from the user has proved to be very helpful for many businesses. Thus, our app has user friendly Rate Us option using which users can rate your app on App Store.

  • Easy Navigation: Our app has easy navigation and provides rich experience to your users. Users does not have to search for options to navigating from 1 section to other with our apps for your SocialEngine app.

  • 90 Days Free Support: With One Time Payment, our apps comes with 90 Days free support from SocialNetworking.Solutions.

See It In Work

We have provided demos for our app so that you can try the apps. Please find the links in the "App Support" section below.

  • Awesome Music Player: This app provides you full control on the music player. Users can listen to their favorite tracks in your community even when their Phones are Locked. This app lets them keep exploring anything on their phones while enjoying their favorite music.

  • Quick Content Creation and Sharing: Users can create videos, photos, links, check-ins, Sell Something, etc. and can share any content on your community very easily. Quick content creation bring more user engagement and popularity to your site and thus improves SEO.

  • Beautiful Welcome Screens: This app enables you to have Welcome screens with beautiful images, suitable titles and descriptions of your choice. You can configure the welcome screens with their title and description from admin panel of this app.

  • Background Video on Login Page: This app supports Background Video on Login Page. Using this feature you can showcase infographic, explanatory or any other video to your users of your app. This feature is admin configurable and you can upload video from admin panel of this app.

  • Push Notifications: Send Push Notifications in real time for SE Notifications and Custom Notifications to keep your users engaged.

  • Multiple Device Support: Don’t allow your members to access your site via Website only, give them the access via multiple devices, be it phones or tablets.

  • Best Community Experience: Our Android App all the engaging features from SE and various integrated modules including content Liking, Commenting, Follow, Browsing, Searching, Sharing, Joining Groups, & much more.

  • Robust Admin Panel: The app also has a powerful admin panel which gives you many customization options. Scroll below to read all the features available in admin panel of the app module.

  • Smooth & Easy Navigation: Activities of other members, Messages, Notifications and Friend Requests are easily accessible to your members. Friendly interface of this app provides a very smooth and easy navigation with unique designs and effects.

  • Camera Support: This Native app is also providing support with the camera of the device for both Photos and Videos. Users can upload their photos and videos in real time using camera supported Features of this app.

3rd Party Plugins & WebView Support

If you have a question in your mind that whether other 3rd party plugins will work in your app or not, then WebView is the answer for this. Our android app support WebView feature and thus opens any additional Link, Page or Module in WebView. You do not have to lose any functionality of your website in your apps. Not even that, with the REST API plugin and our native android app you can easily get any functionality natively integrated in your apps.

  • SSO (Single Sign On) supported: If you have added any web page link in menu, and users access that link from their apps being logged-in in apps, then they will be auto-logged in into the webpage (which open in WebView) also via SSO feature.

  • Custom HTML Content in WebView: You can create any custom HTML content and add the URL of the page as a new menu in dashboard. The page will open in WebView.

Admin Panel Features
  • Configurable Color Schemes

    • 6 Pre-Configured Color Schemes
    • Existing Color Schemes can be easily customized. You can even make your own new color scheme.
    • Unlimited new color schemes can be added.
    • Edit, Delete and Add custom themes.
    • Admins can easily switch from 1 color scheme to another
  • Informative and Highly Configurable Dashboard

    • Manage the Android app Dashboard by creating new Menu Items and arrange them in categories.
    • You can create new Categories also and add or arrange menu items under them by simply dragging and dropping them vertically.
    • You can take various actions like editing, enable / disable, delete on menu items and categories.
    • You can also add links to any other 3rd party plugin (which is not natively supported with this app) in the menu items and show them in Web View on your website.
    • For each dashboard menu, admin can configure visibility to logged-in / logged-out / all users.
  • Welcome Slideshow: This android app enables you to have Welcome Screens in your app. You can manage the screen photos from admin panel:

    • Unlimited number of slide support.
    • Each photo slide is highly configurable and you can add title and description to each banner.
    • You can re-order the slides.
    • Each slide can be enabled / disabled.
    • Title color and Description color can also be configured for each slide from admin panel only.
  • Push Notifications: Push Notifications are the best tool to provide real time updates of your community / website to your users and thus are important and necessary to increase user engagement in your app.

    • Integration with SocialEngine’s Inbuilt Notification Updates.
    • From admin panel, you can send Bulk Push Notifications to:
    • All Subscribers
    • Selected Member Levels
    • Network
    • Particular User
  • Professional Activity & Nested Comments Plugin for Free: Native Android app comes with Free Professional Activity & Nested Comments plugin which provides all the advanced features of the plugin and enhance user engagement in your app and website.

    • Feelings, Stickers & Reactions
    • Location Check-ins
    • Nested Comments
    • GIF Image Support
    • Tag People
    • Schedule Post & Feed Targeting
    • And all the features of the plugin.
  • Manage Subscribers: You can find a list all the subscribers of your Android mobile app and take various actions from admin panel of this app like revoke permission, delete token.

  • Skip Login: You can allow “Guests” or “Non-Logged In” users to browse your app without login into your android app. You can disable this option if you want them to first login.

  • Display Site Title or Search in Header: You can choose to display Site Title or global search in header of your android app. If site title is enabled, you can enter a custom title.

  • Fix Header on Home Page: You can choose to fix the header on the homepage of your app. If you disable to fix the header, then it will disappear on scrolling down and will reappear on scrolling up.

  • Member Avatar Shape: You can choose the shape of the member avatar in Activity Feeds & Browse Members page to: ~ Circle or ~ Square.

  • Content Load Count in Phone / Tablet: You can choose the count for the content to be loaded by default in phones and tablets separately. This setting will work for each content load on scrolling down in app.

  • Activity Feed Character Limit: You can choose the character limit after which users will see “more” option in the feeds. When they will click on this “more” link, they will see complete post on feed view page.

  • Display Logged-in Member’s Photo: You can choose to display current logged-in member’s photo in the Top Right corner of your app header after global search or site title. Clicking on it will redirect to their member profile page.

  • Display Tab Titles under Tab Bar: You can choose to hide / display the titles of the tabs: “Activity”, “Requests”, “Notifications” & “Messages” in the Tab bar which comes at the bottom of your android app.

Miscellaneous Features of Android App

  1. Signup and Login via Facebook and Twitter (in addition to the normal login and signup) in your app.
  2. This android app intelligently utilizes various native features of the android device.
  3. Integration with SE functionality and official SocialEngine Plugins (See Supported Modules section for details.
  4. Networking features of your community like friendships, messaging, notifications, etc.
  5. White Label Your community is 100% yours! No ads, link-backs or graphics. Your app will be branded with your Logo, your brand Colors, Font Style, etc.
  6. App Performance This native android app has Caching and is very light weight which provide good app performance.Lazy loading of images (Optimized image loading).
  7. Multiple languages / multi-lingual support. This app supports multiple languages and thus makes your app to be used across the world with the language of your choice.
  8. Inbuilt Rate Us Feature of this app enables your users to find the link to rate your app from within the app. This will increase your popularity as users can easily find the link and rate your app on Play Store.
  9. Integration with User Subscriptions. With this native app, users can subscribe to the paid subscription plans of your community.
  10. Splash Screen is displayed when users try to launch the app just after the app icon is clicked.
  11. Native Terms of Service Page. SocialEngine’s default Terms of Service page is fully native in this app.
  12. Native Privacy Policy Page. SocialEngine’s default Privacy Policy page is fully native in this app.

Installation Instructions:

To create Android app for your website, you will have to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install all the modules which you get after extracting the downloaded tar file in below sequence: a. module-sesbasic, b. module-sesadvancedactivity, c. module-sesapi & at last d. module-sesandroidapp.
Step 2: You can avail SocialNetworking.Solutions free installation service within 90 days of your purchase.
Step 3: Create your account at Play Store if you wish to host the app at your store.
Step 4: Contact SocialNetworking.Solutions team (from App Support below), if you wish to host your app at our Play Store.
Step 5: Contact SocialNetworking.Solutions team (from App Support below) to get the build created for your app for free. This build will be uploaded on the play store.
Step 6: Contact SocialNetworking.Solutions team (from App Support below) to avail the free service of Graphic Assets creation.

Price Details

Sales and Discounts

  • Discounted Price $249.00

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.3.0
  • Latest Product Version 5.3.0
  • Modifies SE Core No


  • Compatible with 3rd Party Plugins Requires Customization
  • Included Free Free initial installation, Free Upgrades, 90 days complimentary support (per support terms), 1 hour free customization (restrictions and terms apply)

Sales and Support Info