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LinkedIn Clone Theme


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LinkedIn is a very popular social community for all kinds of professionals. If you want to showcase your website just like LinkedIn, then this is the theme you were looking for. The theme will give your website a look & feel just like LinkedIn network with various astonishing features which are described below.

Key Features

  • Attractive Landing Page

    • LinkedIn Clone Look

    • Landing Page similar to LinkedIn's

    • Four Predefined Color Schemes

  • Attractive Login & Sign Up Pages

    • Editable Color Scheme

    • Landing Page Banner with Search Box

    • User Photo & Quick Links Widget

  • Fully Responsive & supports RTL

    • Vertical Side Menu

    • Customizable CSS

    • Powerful Admin Panel


LinkedIn Clone Look

LinkedIn Clone Look The theme gives a look & feel just like LinkedIn. Its color scheme, header, footer, login & sign-up pages, landing page all are designed to match LinkedIn network.

Similar looking Landing Page

The Landing Page is uniquely designed to match it with LinkedIn landing page. All widgets are made in accordance with it and the widgets are highly configurable and provide amazing UI.


The header provided is uniquely designed, so that it appears like LinkedIn Header. The mini menu is provided with beautiful icons. Main menu toggle is shown in the right most of the header. Clicking on the main menu toggle opens up the vertical side bar listing all the menu items within it.


The theme provides an advanced and customizable footer with four columns view like LinkedIn. You can customize each footer menu and enable required number of columns. Logo and social website links of your community can also be shown inside the footer.

Vertical Side Menu

The main menu is displayed as a toggle button in the rightmost section, when clicked it opens up a vertical menu bar in overlay effect listing all the menu items within it with their icons and labels.

User Photo & Quick Links Widget

To display logged-in user’s image and related quick links on the Members Home Page, another widget "User Photo & Quick Links Widget” is there. The widget provides easy navigation to users.

Attractive Login & Sign Up Pages

The login & sign-up pages are specially designed to fit the LinkedIn concept. The login & sign-up pop-ups also very vibrant.

Landing Page Banner with Search Box

The Landing Page Top Banner widget provides search box within it just like LinkedIn, so users may search anything directly from the landing page itself.

Amazing Attributes

Landing Page Top Banner

The block displays an attractive banner on the Landing page, you can write custom heading, description and apply image of your choice. Search bar is also provided within the banner itself, so users may directly perform any content search from there only. They may search suitable jobs, members or any other content.

Banner Block With CTA Button

The widget allows website members to post a job. The widget has an attractive layout with a customizable heading, a CTA button and an image.

Categories Block

Displays a tagline with some categories / options on the Landing Page. The options / categories are links clicking on which users are redirected to their specified pages.

Connect Block

The widget comes with an attractive UI, you can display two custom images, two custom headings and two custom CTA buttons.

CTA Buttons Block

The widget allows to display multiple CTA buttons with a heading and relevant description. You can integrate any menu within this widget, then all the menu-items of the menu will become the CTA buttons. This widget allows easy navigation to users.

3 Steps Process Block

The widget can be used to display the flow of any process. The widget allows to add a main heading to the block, three sub headings for the steps involved and their respective descriptions and icons. For example, if you’re building a job portal then you may use it to show the steps that need to be followed for applying or posting a job.

Video Banner

A video banner can flaunt the significance of your website. It can exhibit what your website stands for the most. You can display a video with custom heading and description.

Landing Page Bottom Banner

This block can be used to show a large banner with a background image, a tagline along with a CTA button. The tagline, image and CTA button all are customizable.

Color Schemes

The theme provides four predefined color schemes which have been described below. Also, the option is provided to create your own color scheme. So, you are not bound to just use the blue color theme on your website just like LinkedIn but can add creativeness and uniqueness to your community by applying desired and unique color scheme.

  • Blue Color Scheme

  • Indigo Color Scheme

  • Black Blue Color Scheme

  • Dark Color Scheme


Price Details

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.9.0
  • Latest Product Version 5.9.0
  • Modifies SE Core No


  • Responsive Yes
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Plugins Yes
  • Included Free Free initial installation, Free Upgrades, 90 days complimentary support (per support terms)

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