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Responsive Versatile Theme


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Versatile / Multi-Purpose Theme is a clean responsive multi-purpose theme which comes with good layers of sections which provide tons of features. As the name suggests ‘multipurpose’, the theme can be set easily to match the concept of any website. The theme provides various charming features and dynamic visuals with a powerful admin panel to control them.

Key Features


  • Double Color Scheme

    • Easily Customizable

    • Highlight Content Blocks

    • Inside Header For Slideshow

  • Feasible to Avail Previous Setup

    • Rolling Counts

    • Modules Support on Landing Page

    • 100% Browser Compatible

  • Logged-In / Non-Logged-In Headers

    • RTL Support

    • Amazing Visuals

    • Astounding Highlight Two Content Block

  • Vibrant Landing Page

    • Scroll Content Menu

    • Informative Blocks

    • Multiple Options for Slideshow

  • Social Links in the Header

    • Vast Color Schemes

    • 4 Types of Header

    • Modern Mini Menu

  • Advanced Sign In / Sign Up Popup

    • Absolutely Responsive

    • Three Footer Templates

    • Manageable Fonts


  • Various Attractive Headings Styles for Block Headings: Various attractive heading styles are provided which can strongly enhance the look and feel of your community. You may choose headings with icons or without icons.

  • Various Attractive Button Styles: A completely new range of button styles has been provided to give your website a refreshing look. Six attractive button designs have been provided, visual effects have been provided in some button styles.

  • Three Attractive Variations of Layout Container Designs: The theme provides three variations for setting the layouts of widget containers. Good design of the widget containers enhances the website layout.

  • Newsletters To Subscribers: A new add on is a separate newsletter form to send the latest update to all the subscribers. The list of all subscribers is also provided along with this form itself. You will not need to search for nywhere else.

  • Inner Pages Slider: Not only the Landing Page Slider, but the theme also provides the Inner Page Slider option to enhance the beauty of the inner pages of your website. You may add an unlimited number of slides with the ired heading and description text.


Amazing Attributes


The theme provides a variety of headers, user can select required options to show the desired header:

Horizontal Header

  • One lined header excluding social links

  • Two-lined header excluding social links

Vertical Header

  • Overlap Content to show header

  • Slide Content to show header


A new version of footer has been provided with this theme. Being fully customizable, the footer is available with various useful abstracts like Social Media Links, Twitter Feed, Recent / Popular Content, Editable Columns, Quick Links and Logo in it. The background image can be applied to make it more attractive. It also provides you with three templates

Color Schemes

Quickly change colors for your custom color schemes with color-chooser. The theme provides four default color schemes:

  • Default Light Theme with Dark Header

  • Default Light Theme with White Header

  • Default Dark Theme

  • Double colored scheme

Visually Appealing Sign in & Signup Options

This theme provides very appealing designs of Sign In/Sign Up pages and pop-ups with fully controlled behavior.

  • Show them up automatically or on-click

  • You may set whether users can close those or not

Landing Page

  • Landing Page Slider:- The topmost section of the landing page. It is way more than just a slider and contains many other abstracts like a form, moving text, front image, sign-in / sign-up popups.

  • Highlights Block:- Highlights Block aides in featuring the specific substances of a website on the respective Landing page. Users may add relevant icons and images to them.

  • Achievement Block:- You can boost your achievements using this section. This section showcases your achievements beautifully using rolling count and relevant icons.

  • Informative Block:- You can share some content to showcase what your website is all about. This section contains many abstracts like image, call-to-action-buttons, videos, etc. You may showcase images in two ways.

  • Banner Tagline:- Banner tagline is a short and striking or memorable phrase. An additional button is provided to perform any action.

  • Action Buttons:- There are distinct templates which are provided to showcase this block. Some amazing views which are amazing add-ons to the landing page.

  • Highlight Content Block (Widget):- Highlight the content present on your website via this block. 10 beautiful views are provided in its widget settings to display the content on the landing page. We have also provided the settings to add the option to set background color/image and overlay darkness/lightness.

  • Services Block:- You can add services provided by your website with descriptions and headings. User may also append relevant icons. Four views are provided for this section.

  • Promotional Banner:- You can utilize this block to do promotions. Two CTA buttons are also provided in this section. Along with this, you can also add a heading, small description and link them to some URLs.

  • Video Banner:- A video banner flaunts the significance of your website. It exhibits what your website stands for the most.

  • Highlighted Content Circular Block (Widget):- Highlights the content on the Landing page in circular blocks which has a quite appealing view. Here you can set the visibility of content whether it should be in a carousel or not.

  • Highlight Two Content Blocks (Widget):- The block highlights the content of any two of the selected entities. Four distinct views are provided to present the entities in the desired way..

  • Markers Block:- The block can be used to display some important counts of your business or website with beautiful UI and hover effects.

  • Scroll Content Menu (Widget):- Blocks with heading on Landing page shows up as menu items in this block, user can just click an item to reach the particular block.


Why do we need this Theme?


  • Completely Versatile: The theme is very versatile/multipurpose, it can be used for any kind of social community, whether it's a core social networking based website, a dating community, any business based community, yoga-related website, music platform, or any other kind of social community.

  • Beautiful UI and Visual Effects: The theme provides amazing UI, a variety of amazing visual effects, and manageable fonts for different sections of your website.

  • Editable Color Schemes: Quickly change colors for your custom color schemes with color-chooser.

  • Multiple Layout Enhancing Features: Various styles for displaying headings, subheadings, menus, website body, buttons, and widget containers are provided. That is, you have a wide range of options, and you have to choose the one which suits the best for your community.

  • Robust and Powerful Administration: The theme comes with a powerful and robust admin panel, most of the blocks/widgets, sliders, and the landing page are completely admin configurable. You can use desired headings, images, and background images, etc.


Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.9.0
  • Latest Product Version 5.9.0
  • Modifies SE Core No


  • Responsive Yes
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Plugins Yes
  • Included Free Free initial installation, Free Upgrades, 90 days complimentary support (per support terms)

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