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User Connections Plugin


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Show users the web of their Social Graph.





  • Good level of customization.
  • Easy integration.


The User Connections plugin shows users the web of their Social Graph, their shortest connection paths with other users, and also how users know each other.

The Network Span widget on the user homepages enables the users to see the depth of their Social Graph by seeing the number of 1st levels, 2nd level, and 3rd level contacts. This block will further lead the users to explore these contacts. The Connection Path widget on the profile pages of users allows others to see the shortest connection path with them in an illustrative manner, along with the relationships between the connections.

This is a great plugin to build social networks & communities and users can figure out who they want to be friends with. The User Connections plugin allows users to expand their networks and build relationships. It provides a good starting point to initiate communication between users.


Key Features


  • Lets users see the power of their Social Graph by exploring through their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level connections.
  • Users can see the shortest connection path (route) between each other.
  • Users can see how they know each other based on relationships.
  • Users can see what degree of friendships/connections they have with others.
  • Seamless Profile Integration displays data clearly.
  • Action links for every user in the path increase interactivity.


Admin Panel


  • Choose from a variety of layouts and themes for the display of the data.
  • The site admin can choose the maximum degree for the different Member Levels, to which the connection paths are to be computed.

Price Details

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.9.0
  • Latest Product Version 5.9.0
  • Modifies SE Core Yes


  • Responsive Yes
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Plugins Yes
  • Included Free Free initial installation, Free Upgrades, 90 days complimentary support (per support terms)

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