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Advanced Forums Plugin


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Provide users a platform to share views, interact or react.



  • User Dashboard: Allow users to:

    • View the Topics / Posts created by them.

    • Access the topics / posts that they have liked, subscribed and labelled under “Sticky”. (Sticky Topics will be visible only to the moderators)

    • Create Signature: Allows you to have a signature and include it automatically into your post and replies. You can add link and other stuff into your signature to promote, highlight or identify yourself.

  • Add Reputation: Users can increase / decrease reputation of post creators if they find their posts valuable and informative.

    • This reputation can be marked as an asset for post creator as being 'Reputed Member' means his / her posts are recommended / viewed by many users.

    • Post creator can view all members who have increased / decreased his / her reputation by clicking on reputation icon.

    • Users can increase / decrease the creator's reputation for his / her posts individually.

  • Thanks: Users can give thanks to post creators, if they found their posts helpful that resolved their queries.

    • Post creator can view all members who thanked him for his posts by clicking on the thanks icon.

  • Users can:

    • Subscribe to topics to receive notifications about new posts under that topic.

    • Post a comment on a reply.

    • Like their favorite topics and posts.

    • Rate topics based on their experience.

  • Keyword tags for forum topics. A tag cloud widget provides easy filtering of topics.

  • Social Share integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

  • Forum Result Page: lists all the topics searched by user, it can also be searched via keywords / tags.

  • Comments can be posted to discuss / reply over a particular post.

  • Breadcrumb Navigation widget for easy navigation and SEO.

  • Quick Navigation widget: enables users to access Categories, Sub-Categories and Forums in one click. [Admin Configurable]

  • Most Popular Topic / Posts / Users widgets displays the topics / forums / users based on chosen popularity criteria like: Maximum Posts, Most Viewed, Most Liked, etc.

  • Adding Subcategories and Icons: Allow admin to add / delete subcategories for the forums.

    • Allow admin to add / edit icons for categories and their subcategories.

  • Admin can enable the online icon for users, thus helping forum users to discuss over a topic easily with a particular individual by knowing he / she is available at the moment or not.

  • Forum statistics like Total Posts, Topics, Users, etc can be displayed in an attractive manner using Forum Statistics widget. Has a responsive layout.

  • Seamless integration with:

    In order to build a highly engaged online user community, forums are a great platform to enable your users share their views with people across the world, and provide them a good reason to interact, respond or react. You can start a discussion, ask a question or post a topic, where people with similar interests / groups can get together and discuss, post reply and encourage others to participate in the discussions.
    SocialEngine-REST-API-coverSocialEngine has already provided us such medium / platform, but we are here with some great enhancements in the SocialEngine Core Forums plugin that adds more features to the existing platform. These advanced features, functionalities and amazing outlook provides you many more features than SocialEngine Core Forums plugin such as: User Dashboards, Adding Reputation, Giving Thanks, Topic Ratings, Social Sharing, Posting Comment in a Reply, Adding Subcategories, Adding / Editing Icons and a lot more. You can install this plugin to make the discussions more interactive and interesting for your site members and create a highly engaged online user community.



    • Create / Delete Categories their Sub-Categories and Forums.

    • Assign icon to Categories their Sub-Categories and Forums.

    • Add forum moderators.

    • Enable / Disable rating feature.

    • Enable / Disable reputation feature.

    • Enable / Disable Thanks future.

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Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.9.0
  • Latest Product Version 5.9.0
  • Modifies SE Core Yes


  • Responsive Yes
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Plugins Yes
  • Included Free Free initial installation, Free Upgrades, 90 days complimentary support (per support terms)

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