Classifieds » Member Tools » Advanced Members Plugin

Classifieds » Member Tools » Advanced Members Plugin

Advanced Members Plugin

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.6.1
  • Latest Product Version 5.6.1
  • Modifies SE Core Yes


  • Responsive Yes
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Plugins Yes
  • Included Free Free initial installation, Free Upgrades, 90 days complimentary support (per support terms)

Sales and Support Info


Exclusive Offer from We offer FREE Installation of this plugin, FREE Support for the first 90 days, and FREE Upgrades.

Member connections and network building are very important for any community.



  • This plugin will be useful for a wide variety of communities / websites like:

    • Careers & Jobs

    • Professional Networks

    • Educational Networks

    • Entertainment

    • Hobbies and Interests

    • Dating

    • Human Resources

    • Personal Services

  • Attractive and Informative displays for Member Listings: List View, Grid View, Map View, and Pinboard View. These member listing displays are highly configurable. Admin can choose various configurations like:

    • Action links available for each member listing (Add Friend, Message, etc.)

    • Information (profile fields) to be displayed for each member listing.
      and more

  • Good members browsing experience and powerful search & filtering ensure that users easily find results. (See "Browsing, Searching & Filtering of Members" section below for more on this)

  • Location & Proximity based browsing and searching: Whether to display members based on proximity to viewing user's current location. Admin can also choose the distance within which Members will be shown to users. If searching of members based on locations is an important component of your site's idea, then you and your users are sure to love this feature. [Admin configurable]

  • Reviews and Ratings are a great way for users to endorse their connections. They also let users validate the strengths of their connections. (See "Reviews and Ratings for Members" section below for more on this)

  • Enhanced "Friends" Tab: New, enhanced Friends tab of user profiles with better interactivity, and search. Makes it easier for users to manage their friends.

  • Featured and Sponsored Members can be highlighted in many widgets at various places. [Admin configurable]

  • Member of the Day widget enables one member to be highly showcased for specific days. [Admin configurable]

  • About 10 widgetized pages which are attractive and highly configurable. With drag-and-drop widgets along with admin settings, you can choose and customize features for members on your site.

  • Many useful admin configurations.

  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) structure.

  • The profile images of members can also be displayed in a circular shape, instead of only square shape.

  • Option to make images appear in circular shape can be selected under List View, Grid View and Pinboard View and various widgets like Browse Members, Popular / Recent / Random Members, Member of the Day and other relevant widgets of this plugin. [Admin configurable]

  • Member's details can be displayed in single column layout or in two columns layout in 'List View'. [Admin configurable]

  • Member's images can be displayed in circular shape throughout the website with little changes in customization.css file. (You can refer the admin panel FAQ for this feature)

  • Compliments can be given to each other by the members and can be shown at the member profile page by using “Member Profile Compliments” widget.

  • “Recently Viewed” widget will enable to see the members who viewed a particular profile. This widget offers the choice to display the members not only in Grid View or List View but Icon View as well.

  • Users can now follow each other's profile.

Are Member Connections and Network Building important for your community? If yes, then this plugin will be very useful for your website.
Advanced Members Plugin contains numerous features and great user interface to highlight members of your community, and enable easy browsing & searching of members. Basic and Advanced searching for members is available. Location and Proximity based searching enables users to find other members around them, or around desired locations. Users can also Rate and Review other members to maintain strong connections and validations in your network.


Key Features

Reviews and Ratings for Members

  • Well structured reviews enable you to make Member Reviews an important aspect of your website.

  • Rating Parameters: Admin configurable Rating Parameters based on Profile Types.

  • Admin can choose whether he wants to have:

    • Reviews and Ratings with Rating Parameters

    • Reviews and Ratings without Rating Parameter

    • Only Ratings

  • Pros and Cons fields: Easily highlight the good and bad experiences of reviewers.

  • Main review contains title and description.

  • Users can mention if they would Recommend the Member to someone.

  • Reviews tab on Member Profile shows overall, average and parameter based ratings, and the percentage of reviewers who recommend the member. It also lists the various reviews in brief.

  • Average User ratings and Ratings Breakdown shown.

  • 5 reviews related pages: Top Rated Members, Most Recommended Members, Most Reviewed Members, Top Reviewers and Browse Reviews.

  • Reviewing and Rating a member is very convenient.

Browsing, Searching & Filtering of Members

  • Basic search and Advanced search.

  • Searching enabled over admin created custom fields.

  • Name / Email ID based searching.

  • Filtering based on Member Profile Fields.

  • Browse by Locations (Location & Proximity based browsing and searching) to find members around a location at a distance:

    • Enables users to easily and quickly find the relevant members around them.

    • User's current location is detected automatically to display results around that. Users can also change the location as per their choice.

    • Users can choose distance from location within which results should be returned in search.

    • The search results can be attractively shown on map.

    • From search results, users can easily get directions to member locations from their current location or a location of their choice.

  • Filtering based on various popularity criteria.

  • Filtering based on All / My Friends, Members I Like, Only My Networks' Members, Featured / Sponsored Members.

  • Filtering based on popular locations.

  • Alphabetic Filtering

  • Filtering based on: "Only Members with Photos" and "Only Online Members".

  • Admin Search Form Settings: Choose which of the available search and filter fields should be shown in the form and what their sequence should be.

  • Horizontal Search Members widget: Enables AJAX powered search over Member Names, Locations, Proximity Search and Profile Fields.

  • Interactive Info Tooltips on mouse-over on user entries. Contains information (admin configured profile fields, cover photo, mutual friends, etc.) and action links (like Add Friend, Message, Suggest to Friends, etc) [Admin configurable]

  • Attractive and Flexible "Popular Members" widget can be placed on any widgetized page of your website.

  • Ajaxify Searching can also be done.

User Interface & Experience

  • This plugin provides contemporary UI that is visually appealing and engaging.

  • 4 attractive displays for member listings: List View, Grid View, Map View, and Pinboard View.

  • Easy navigation enables quick transitioning to viewers.

  • Sponsored and Featured labels: The main profile picture of every sponsored and featured member contains the corresponding attractive labels which are admin configurable.

Layout for Member Listings

  • List Layout: Detailed information of members are displayed with an attractive display of profile photos.

  • Grid Layout: Large square photos of members are displayed with attractive tooltips displaying member information.

  • You can choose to enable attractive Pinboard Layout for member listings.

  • This contemporary layout is visually appealing and engaging.

  • On-the-spot liking and sharing of member profiles from the pinboard. [Admin configurable]

  • Map clustering: Enables simplification of member location data visualization by consolidating data that are nearby to each other on the map in an aggregate form.

  • Attractive tooltip for displaying member information.

  • Auto zooming and centering of map occurs when a location marker is clicked.

  • Choice of showing members in the map view using marker or profile picture.

Member Profiles

  • "Write a Review" button: Well accessible button enables members to easily write reviews for their contacts / friends / acquaintances. Members can update their reviews too.

  • User "Reviews" tab: Attractive tab, contains reviews and ratings for the user.

  • Enhanced "Friends" Tab: New, enhanced Friends tab of user profiles with better interactivity, and search. Makes it easier for users to manage their friends.

  • "Friends / Mutual Friends" widget enables users to view the friends of the member or their mutual friends. [Admin configurable]

  • When a user adds a location to their profile, nearby locations are intelligently auto-suggested.

Member Profile Fields

  • Member Profile Fields can be displayed on:

    • Browse Members Page

    • Info Tooltips

    • Various Advanced Members widgets

  • Profile Fields to be displayed in widgets, browse page, search widgets, etc can be configured by admin from Admin Panel.

  • Consistency in 'Members Location & Proximity Search field' shown in various widgets through the mapping between Location related Profile Fields and Profile Types.

Browse Reviews page

  • Widgetized page, can be completely customized by admin using Layout Editor.

  • Search and Filter form for reviews, enabling users to see the desired reviews. [Admin configurable]

    • Users can filter reviews to see Friends' Reviews, Featured Reviews, etc.

    • Users can filter to see reviews on the basis of Most Recent, Highest Rating, Lowest Rating, etc.

    • Users can filter to see reviews with specific ratings (example: 5-star reviews, 4-star reviews, etc.). This is very helpful for users for finding out members with desired ratings.

  • Attractive tooltips to show detailed parameter-wise ratings for each review.

  • Permalinks for reviews and links for sharing reviews, reporting reviews, etc.


  • Enable and configure settings for:

    • Search form for members

    • Default browsing sequence

    • Browse by networks

    • Featured & Sponsored

    • Locations

  • Configure mapping between location-specific Profile Fields for various Profile Types of members.

  • Configure / Manage reviews and ratings:

    • Enable / disable reviews and ratings.

    • Enable / disable Pros and Cons for reviews.

    • Enable / disable "Recommended" field for reviews.

    • Configure / manage rating parameters for the various Profile Types of members.

    • Member Levels based permissions for reviewing and rating members on the site.

    • Manage Ratings & Reviews for Members.

    • Mark quality member Reviews as Featured Reviews.

  • Assign Member of the Day

  • Layouts, widget locations, and settings.

  • Featured and Sponsored labels

  • Configure Info Tooltip Settings: Choose Action Links and Information to be shown.