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Classifieds » Listings, Monetization and Stores » Directory / Pages Plugin

Directory / Pages Plugin

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Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.6.1
  • Latest Product Version 5.6.1
  • Modifies SE Core Yes


  • Responsive Yes
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Plugins Yes
  • Included Free Free initial installation, Free Upgrades, 90 days complimentary support (per support terms)

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Exclusive Offer from We offer FREE Installation of this plugin, FREE Support for the first 90 days, and FREE Upgrades.

Directory / Pages Plugin enables a robust directory system on your website.



  • Page Packages: Admin can enable packages for directory items / pages on site. If enabled, multiple packages can be created based on features that should be available to pages under them. Paid packages, with one-time and recurring billing options can also be created. (Scroll below for more on packages.)

  • Categories, sub-categories allow robust classification of page listings. You can also create 3rd-level categories for more detailed classification.

  • Custom Profile Types can be created for page listings with each profile type having different profile fields. Association of categories with page profile types enable you to have different profile fields for each category.

  • Multiple Admins for Pages allow multiple users to manage a page listing. Thus, every directory item / page can have its team to configure it and keep it updated. Page admins can also be shown on the page profile.

  • Claiming Pages:

    • Pages can be claimed. Users can file claims for page listings.

    • Admin can choose certain users as "Claimable Page Creators". Pages created by them get the "Claim this Page" link on the page itself. This is useful in cases like if you have certain members whose job is to create only those pages on your site which could later be easily claimed by their rightful owners.

    • Admin can enable / disable claiming. All claims require admin inspection and approval.

    • Admin can get an email notification if a member makes a Claim for a Page.

  • Data Importing: Admin can import Directory Items / Pages on their community from CSV files and listings from "Listings / Catalog Showcase Plugin". Enables launching of community with already created Pages. Entities could then claim their Pages using the Claim Pages feature. Importing can also be done anytime, even in a running site to create Pages in bulk.

  • Settings to easily replace the singular / plural titles for 'Page' to 'Directory', etc.

  • Page Dashboard enables easy creation of pages, and allows managing various components of a page listing. (Scroll below for more on dashboard.)

  • Page Profile - Cover Photo and Information widget enables Page admins to choose a cover photo for their Pages and displays the Page Cover Photo with Page Profile Photo, Title and various Action Links like - Join Page, Like, Follow, etc. [Dependent on our "Directory / Pages - Photo Albums Extension"]

  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) URLs and structure.

  • User Experience:

    • User Interfaces with optimal use of AJAX, without sacrificing SEO. Our extensive AJAX implementation in this plugin for enhanced user experience has been done considering the fact that SEO is equally important for your site.

    • Easy navigation enabling quick transition to users. Breadcrumb based navigation at many places also helps in SEO.

    • 3 displays: List View, Grid View, Map View for directory items / page listings on Pages Home and Browse Pages provide excellent user experience.

  • Keyword tags can be associated with page listings. A tag cloud widget provides easy filtering of pages.

  • Sponsored Pages:

    • Packages can be created such that their pages are automatically made sponsored.

    • Thus, users can be made to pay for making their page sponsored.

    • AJAX Carousel widget for showcasing sponsored page listings.

    • Sponsored pages have "Sponsored" labels on their profile, are highlighted with an attractive sponsored icon or label in listings and their markers can be shown on map with a bouncing animation.

    • Ordering on "Browse Pages" can be done such that sponsored pages are shown first.

    • Site Admin can make / remove pages as sponsored.

  • Featured Pages:

    • Packages can be created such that their pages are automatically made featured.

    • Thus, users can be made to pay for making their page sponsored.

    • Featured Pages Slideshow widget for showcasing featured page listings.

    • Featured pages have "Featured" labels on their profile, are highlighted with an attractive featured icon or label and colored background in listings.

    • Ordering on "Browse Pages" can be done such that featured pages are shown first.

    • Site Admin can make / remove pages as featured.

  • Follow Directory Items / Pages:

    • Page Admins will get a notification when members "Follow" their Pages.

    • Members get notifications when Page Admins update status and add various contents like Notes, Events, Photos, Videos, Music, Polls, etc.

    • "Follow Button" and "Most Followed Pages" widgets.

  • Page of the Day widget enables one page listing to be highly showcased for a day. This is admin configurable.

  • Layouts:

    • 2 attractive AJAX based layouts for Page Profiles: Tabbed Layout and Non-tabbed Layout. In tabbed layout, main widgets are linked via ajax based horizontal tabs. In non-tabbed layout, main widgets are linked via ajax based links in vertical order, in left column. Site admin can decide which layout type to activate.

    • Widgetized Page Profile with drag-and-drop widgets, and admin controls enables you to choose and customize features for page listings on your site.

    • Site Admins can enable page owners to customize block positions, add new available blocks, create and add HTML blocks on their page's profile via a drag-and-drop interfaced layout editor. Available blocks are the many widgets provided in this plugin.

    • Widgetized Pages Home and Browse pages, which can be configured using drag-and-drop widgets.

  • Google Maps and Geocode API integration:

    • Google maps integration used in Map View for page listings.
      Pages having location information have a Map Tab on their profile showing their accurate location on map.

    • Page owners can point their exact location on map using drag-and-drop marker in Page Dashboard.

    • Owners can simply enter their page item's location address and this converts it to a formatted address and location coordinates to be plotted on map using Geocode API.

    • Geocoding is also used in Proximity Search for directory items / pages.

    • Branded Maps: All Maps from this plugin appear branded with your Site's Title on them.

  • Searching and Browsing:

    • Good directory items / pages browsing experience and powerful search ensures that users easily find results.

    • Searching enabled over page profile types and custom fields

    • Name / keyword based search

    • Proximity Search to find page listings around a location at a distance
      Filtering based on closed / open status, friends' / everyone's pages, "Pages I Like", featured Pages

    • Filtering based on tags / categories / sub-categories

    • Filtering based on popular locations

    • Alphabetic Filtering

    • Ordering based on recent / views / comments / likes / alphabetical

    • Admin Search Form Settings: Choose which of the available search and filter fields should be shown in the form and what their sequence should be.

    • AJAX Search widget: It enables AJAX search over Page Titles. Search interface is similar to Facebook's search.

    • Pages archives for month-wise browsing

  • Browse by Locations (Location & Proximity based browsing and searching): If searching of Directory Items / Pages based on Locations is an important component of your site's idea, then you and your users are sure to love this feature:

    • Enables users to easily and quickly find the relevant Directory Items / Pages around them.

    • User's current location is detected automatically to display results around that. Users can also change the location as per their choice.

    • New! An approximate distance to the searched result will also be shown.

    • Users can choose distance from location within which results should be returned in search.

    • There is basic search and advanced search with more options.

    • The "Locations" tab for this feature's page can be enabled in the main Pages Navigation Menu allowing members to easily search and browse Directory Items / Pages by location, proximity and various searching options available.

    • The search results are attractively shown on map.

    • From search results, members can easily get directions to Page locations from their current location or a location of their choice.

  • Getting Directions to Pages: Users can easily get directions to Page Locations by clicking on "Get Directions" link at various places. The entries in locations based searching mentioned above have this link. The "Map" tab of Directory Items / Pages has this link. Activity Feed integration: Integration with site homepage feed, user profile feeds and page updates feeds. Feeds have been designed as to have maximum impact. Additionally:

    • Activity feeds for directory items / pages can be generated with Page Photo and Title instead of photo and name of the Page Admin.

    • Users can receive on their homepage the activity feeds of Pages that they have liked.

  • Linking to Facebook Page: Admins of Directory Items / Pages on your site can now link their Directory Items / Pages with their Facebook Pages from the "Marketing" section of Page Dashboard. With this enhancement:

    • Page Admins can display the "Facebook Like Box" for their linked Facebook Pages on their Directory Items / Pages on your site. This enables them to gain Likes for their Facebook Page from your website. This Like Box will also:

    • Show the recent posts from their Facebook Page.

    • Show how many people already like their Facebook Page.

    • Enable people to Like their Facebook Page.

  • Modular Architecture & Extensions:

    • Enables you to plug-and-play extensions for enhanced features. You can choose which ones to install based on your requirements. All extensions are highly configurable. Click here to see all extensions.

    • Reviews & Ratings: Categorical and attractive ratings system. Rating parameters based on page categories enable users to give accurate opinions. Separate pros and cons fields in reviews easily highlight the good and bad experiences of reviewers. Members can mention if they would recommend the page to someone. Reviews section on page profiles show their reviews. Users can post comments on reviews and 'Like' the ones they find useful. Visit here for more.

    • Photo Albums: Ajax based photo browsing in albums. New "Theater Mode" Photo Viewer provides excellent photo viewing experience. Page owners can select good photos to be shown in a photo strip on their page profile. More details here.

    • Videos, Notes, Events, Polls, Music are some other content extensions.

    • Form Extension: Enables page owners to create a form and receive user responses. Can be used for receiving booking leads, feedback, enquiries, etc. More details here.

    • Badges: Badges can be assigned to pages. This can be used for marking page items as Premium, Leader, etc as per your requirements. Page owners can also apply to site admin for a badge. More details here.

    • Offers: Page owners can create offers and mark a featured offer. More details here.

    • Inviter and Promotion: Page owners can promote their page by importing their address books from popular webmail services and contact lists and inviting their friends or fans to visit & explore their page. Details here.

    • Embeddable Badges, Like Box: Great tool for Page owners to attract people and gain popularity, visibility and Likes by using attractive embeddable badges of their Page which can be shared across the web. Also very good for brand propagation of your website. Details here.

    • Contact Page Owners: Enables you to quickly reach out to all the Admins of Pages on your site via 2 channels: Emails and Messages. (FREE Extension)

    • Short Page URLs: You can now have Vanity URLs for Pages on your site, like Facebook. URLs of Directory Items / Pages on your site can be made short and more human readable. These are easier for visitors to identify, remember and share. (FREE Extension)

    • Discussions: Every page can have its own forum where discussion topics can be created and discussed. (FREE Extension)

  • Widgetized Home & Browse pages for all Extensions:The various content extensions like Photo Albums, Videos, Reviews, Notes, Events, Offers, etc have their own widgetized home and browse pages listing collectively the respective contents from all Directory Items / Pages.

    • You can choose to place links for these pages in the Main Pages Navigation Menu, and manage them.

    • You can also choose to place the respective links for these pages in your site header navigation menu or in any other menu of your choice.

    • Enables you to highlight those content types from Pages on your site that are important to your site's concept. Example, if Photo Albums and Reviews for Pages are important feature of your website, then you can choose to show the links for their browse pages in your Main Pages Navigation Menu.

  • Pinboard Layout : This layout is very useful if visual appearance of Pages content is important for your website. With this feature:

    • You can choose to enable attractive Pinboard Layout for Home and Browse pages.

    • New "Browse Pages' Pinboard View" page to display search results in pinboard view.

    • On-the-spot commenting on Pages from the pinboards.

    • Mouse-over action links appear attractively on various Pages.

    • You can choose to display Pages' search results based on member's current location.

  • Attractive Grid View for Pages : This feature will enhance the visual appearance of Pages in Grid View:

    • You can enter the width of each grid item.

    • Title is highlighted with a shadow effect above the profile picture of Pages.

    • Members count shown (This feature is dependant on "Directory / Pages - Page Members Extension")

    • You can choose to display various statistics for Pages like - Views, Comments, Likes, Location, Featured marker, etc.

  • Search Forms for all Extensions: The various content extensions are integrated with SocialEngine's in-built search engine. Additionally, search form widgets are also available for the content from extensions. These content search forms with various search and filter fields also enable users to see content from only the Pages that they Like.

  • Linking Pages: Page Admins can link other Pages to their Page. The "Linked Pages" widget on Page Profile shows Pages related to that Page. An example usage of such a widget could be a movie theater page linking itself to Pages of movies being played over there.

  • Integration with Geo-Location, Geo-Tagging, Check-Ins & Proximity Search Plugin: This integration provides many new features. Users can check-in into Pages using either a check-in button, or from their status update box. They can tag their photos with Pages. Pages checked-into are shown plotted on map on user profiles, and many more.

  • Likes for Pages:

    • Pages can be liked / unliked

    • Page Admins will get a notification when members Like their Pages.

    • Page Content Creation Privacy - Who Liked This Page: This privacy option enables Page Admins to choose the Creation Privacy of various contents like Notes, Events, Photos, Videos, Music, Polls, etc. in their Pages (content from various Extensions of Directory / Pages Plugin) to only those members who liked their Pages. This is admin configurable.

    • Pages will be automatically 'Liked' by their Page Admins after their successful creation.

    • Page profile shows users who like it

    • Most Liked Pages widget

    • Page owners can send updates to users who Like their Page

    • Integration with Likes Plugin and Widgets adds additional valuable features

  • Manage Notifications: With this enhancement, notifications for the following actions will be sent to Page Admins which they can manage from the Manage Notifications section of their Page Dashboard:

    • When someone creates any content like Notes, Events, Photos, Videos, Music, Polls, etc. (by using various Extensions of Directory / Pages Plugin) in their Pages.

    • When someone Likes their Pages.

    • When someone Comments on their Pages.

    • When someone Follows their Pages.

  • Integration with Suggestions / Recommendations / People you may know & Inviter plugin:

    • Suggest to Friends link

    • Recommended Pages widget: Recommends Pages to users which they are likely to be interested in.

    • Pages recommendations in mixed recommendations and more..

  • Tell a friend: Enables a user to easily email a page listing to friends.

  • Printing: Page information can be printed.

  • Innovative You May Also Like widget shows to users other pages that might interest them based on the one they are viewing currently.

  • Privacy configurable by page owners relating to viewing page, commenting, showing in search, discussions, and also privacy controls for extensions enable page owners to specify who can post content like photo uploading in page, video creation, etc.

  • Pages can be published or saved as draft.

  • User profile integration: Pages Tab widget in user profiles shows directory items / pages posted by the user.

  • Insights and Statistics:

    • Page owners can see Tabular and Graphical statistics for their pages.

    • Metrics include views, likes, comments, and active users.

    • Graphical statistics can be viewed over different durations and time scales in both cumulative and incremental form.

    • Statistical reports can be viewed / downloaded over different durations and time scales in web(.html) and excel(.xls) formats.

    • Users can choose to receive periodic emails with insights of their pages.
      Admin can see detailed statistics for pages.

  • Networks: Users can be shown pages belonging only to their network.

Directory / Pages Plugin enables you to have a robust directory system in your social network. This feature-rich plugin can be used for a wide variety of listings like businesses (hotels, stores, restaurants, etc), personalities, products, profiles, services, books, pets, etc.
With properties like excellent features, ease-of-use, great design, quick navigation and search engine optimized pages, this plugin is the ideal solution for advanced listings. Its modular architecture and many available extensions allow you to have just the right feature set that you need for directory items / pages on your site. Features like reviews & ratings, albums, videos, notes, invite & promote and many more can be easily plugged into pages. This plugin gives you a great monetization opportunity by allowing you to charge users for page listings. Multiple page profile types with custom fields and options to associate them with page categories enable you to create various types of page listings according to you requirements.



  • Enable and configure plugin settings for payments, multiple page admins, sharing, maps integration, proximity search, featured & sponsored labels, browsing sequence, page layout editing by owners, category editing, etc.

  • Activate one of the 2 available layouts for Page Profiles.

  • Enable, create and manage packages.

  • Extensive Member Levels based controls and permissions.

  • Create and manage categories and sub-categories. Sequence of categories and sub-categories can be adjusted by drag-and-drop.

  • Create and manage profile types and custom profile fields for directory items / pages. Custom fields can be made searchable.

  • Configure mapping between page categories and profile types such that custom profile fields can be based on categories.

  • View, manage and moderate pages, with extensive options to change page category, change owner, edit a page, etc.

  • Mark pages as featured and sponsored.

  • Widget Settings.

  • Assign Page of the Day.

  • Enable and manage claims for pages.

  • Assign users as "Claimable Page Creators", whose pages would be easily claimed.

  • Configure settings for Insights Emails and Graphs.

  • View Statistics for pages.

  • View and manage transactions for paid directory items / pages on site.