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Classifieds » Theme Banners, Sliders, ETC » User Cover Photo Plugin

User Cover Photo Plugin

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.3.3
  • Latest Product Version 5.2.1p3
  • Modifies SE Core Yes


  • Responsive Yes
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Plugins Yes
  • Included Free Free initial installation, Free Upgrades, 90 days complimentary support (per support terms)

Sales and Support Info


Exclusive Offer from We offer FREE Installation of this plugin, FREE Support for the first 90 days, and FREE Upgrades.

Enable attractive user profiles with Cover Photo, Tabs, Information widget etc.



  • User Cover Photo and Information widget enables users to choose a cover photo for their Member Profiles and displays this Cover Photo with User Profile Photo, Display Name and various Action Links like - Update Info, Settings, Like, etc. [Requires a Photo Albums Plugin like the official SE "Photo Albums Plugin"]

  • To ensure the uniqueness of the cover photo, users can choose an image from their lives, like a photo from their wedding, a day at beach with soul-mate, or friends' birthday parties, etc.

  • User Profile Fields widget to show selected Profile Questions on Member Profile page as configured by site admin. This widget can be used to display quick information about the member whose profile is being viewed. [Admin configurable]

  • Default Cover Photo:

    • Attractive Cover Photos for User Profiles.

    • Site admin can add different Default Cover Photos based on different Member Levels.

    • From Member Level Settings, Site Admin can configure the ability for selected Member Levels to upload and edit their Cover Photo. Thus, this ability for Cover Photo editing can be given to only Priviledged Users, thus acting as a revenue potential.

    • Default Cover Photo displayed can be used for website's branding, or for showcasing an advertizer's banner. (Another revenue potential.)

    • If User Cover Photo and Information widget is placed on a page different from the Member Home page and Member Profile page with disabled cover photo adding for a Member Level, then with default cover photo, this widget can be used as a banner.

  • Elegant and Attractive Tabs: on Member Profile page with Tab Container placed inside the User Cover Photo and Information widget. [Admin configurable.]

  • Action Links on other Member Profiles: When members of your site view other members' profiles, then action links like Add Friend / Remove Friend, Send Message, Block Member, Report, etc are shown.

  • Action Links on own's Profile: When users view their own Profiles, then actions links like Edit My Profile, Edit Settings (General, Privacy, Networks, etc.), Update Info, etc are shown. Along with these links users will also be able to:

    • Upload a large horizontal image that shows upon the top of the Member Profiles.

    • Choose to add photos from their Albums.

    • Reposition the cover photo.

    • Edit the Photo by uploading new photo or choosing from the photo albums.

    • Remove the cover photo.

    • Choose to upload a profile picture, choose from album photos, or take a picture form their web-cams.

    • Remove the profile picture.

  • Users can also "Like" profiles of members that they like. [Admin configurable]

Do user profiles on your site look dull? Do you want member profiles on your site to appear more expressive or professional?
This plugin enables you to have attractive user profiles on your website with Cover Photos, Elegant Tabs, Information widget and more! You can upload Default Cover Photo for all site members, which they can then change individually. And what's more: With Member Level settings like different default cover photos for the various Member Levels, ability to edit / upload self's cover photo based on Member Level, and other administrative settings, this plugin also provides opportunities for Site-branding and Monetization!


Key Features

Attractive Profile Pages

The appealing cover photos will give a wow look to the member profile pages of your website. You can choose among the three completely different and amazing layouts.and systemized.

Business Asset

Default cover photos added by the site admin can be used as an advertising banners for showcasing different website brands. Hence proved to be business asset as well.

Revenue Potential

Admin can decide which member level will have permissions for uploading and editing the cover photos. Thus only privileged users can be benefited. So, acting as revenue potential also.


  • Admins will be able to upload a default cover photo for Member Profiles pages on their sites.

  • Upload default cover photo for Member Profiles.

  • Site admins can choose to allow users to upload cover photos based on their Member Levels.

  • Site admin can add different default cover photos based on Member Levels.

  • Enable / disable the consistent view of profile picture block.

  • Can configure custom profile fields to be shown on Member Profile pages.

  • Choose the placement of Tab Container in User Cover Photo and Information widget on Member Profile page.

  • Choose to enable 3 column or 2 column layout of Member Profile page.