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Classifieds » Listings, Monetization and Stores » Advanced Payment Gateways / Stripe Connect Plugin

Advanced Payment Gateways / Stripe Connect Plugin

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Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.6.1
  • Latest Product Version 5.6.1
  • Modifies SE Core Yes


  • Responsive Yes
  • Included Free Free initial installation, Free Upgrades, 90 days complimentary support (per support terms)

Sales and Support Info


Exclusive Offer We offer FREE Installation of this Plugin, FREE Support for the first 90 days, and FREE Upgrades.


Secure & easy-to-use payment gateways for better monetization of your website.




  • Seamless integration with SocialEngine's in-built payments system. Adds more, popular payment gateways in addition to the default PayPal and 2Checkout gateways.

  • Supported payment gateways:

    • Stripe Connect

    • PayPal Adaptive

    • MangoPay

    • PayUmoney

    • Paynow

  • Stripe / Stripe Connect: Stripe / Stripe Connect is for accepting money on behalf of others, and gaining access to their data.

    • Payment Modes: All major international debit and credit cards, Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Android Pay, China’s Alipay, and gift & prepaid cards.

    • Supported Countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, Japan, France, United States, Germany, United Kingdom etc.

    • Supported Currencies: AUD, CAD, USD, EUR, GBP, NOK, JPY etc.

    • Choose between Stripe / Stripe Connect as per requirement. [Admin Configurable]

  • PayPal Adaptive: With PayPal Adaptive payment gateway, you can easily split a payment between seller & site owner and can also hold a payment for a definite period of time.

    • Payment Methods: Split Immediately and Escrow.

    • Payment Modes: Credit cards, debit cards and PayPal account.

    • Supported Countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Switzerland, Japan, China, Sweden, Germany, Russia, India, etc.

    • Supported Currencies: AUD, BRL, CAD, GBP, SEK, USD, EUR, HKD, CZK, JPY etc.

  • MangoPay: MangoPay is a payment gateway designed especially for e-commerce and crowdfunding based websites.

    • Payment Methods: Split Immediately and Escrow.

    • Payment Modes: Credit cards, debit cards, SEPA direct debit, and bank wires are available.

    • Supported Countries: Canada, USA, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, SEPA zone etc.

    • Supported Currencies: EUR, GBP, SEK, NOK, DKK, CHF, PLN etc.

  • PayUmoney: PayUmoney is one of the leading payment gateway of India.

    • Payment Modes: Credit Card, Debit Card and Netbanking.

    • Country Supported: India.

    • Currency Supported: INR.

    • It does not require your business to be registered to start transactions on your website. You only need three documents to integrate PayUmoney: Pan Card, Savings Bank Account and Business Address.

  • Paynow: Paynow is one of the leading payment gateway of Zimbabwe.

    • Payment Modes: ZimSwitch Vpayment, Visa / MasterCard Debit & Credit cards, EcoCash and TeleCash.

    • Country Supported: Zimbabwe.

    • Currency Supported: ZWL.

    • You do not need a special merchant account. Paynow will settle your transactions, less fees into any Zimbabwean bank account.

  • Enables you to easily integrate your own payment gateway by creating a skeleton code with appropriate file structure.

  • Payments via all major international debit and credit cards like: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club can be accepted via Stripe & Stripe Connect.

  • Integration with:

    • SocialEngine's Subscription Plans for users

    • Stores / Marketplace - Ecommerce Plugin

    • Advanced Events - Events Booking, Tickets Selling & Paid Events Extension

    • Directory / Pages Plugin(paid packages)

    • Directory / Businesses Plugin

    • Groups / Communities Plugin

    • Advanced Events Plugin

    • Advertisements / Community Ads Plugin.

  • Compatible with our Discount Coupons Plugin that provides a unique feature to your website such that you can set-up a free trial period for desired user subscription plans and packages created under above mentioned SocialEngineAddOns plugins.

  • Stripe and Stripe Connect gateways can be used in both test and live modes.

  • Allow your customers/users to save their credit card details for future purchases via Strip


Payment gateways are the most important components in e-commerce websites. They are the biggest enablers of online monetization. If your users see a familiar, secure, and easy-to-use payment gateway on your website, it is very likely that they will complete their orders with you and not abandon their carts.

This plugin has been designed and developed following SocialEngine standards and provides seamless and hassle-free integration with a new payment gateway. You can easily integrate your own payment gateway by reading the documentation and following a few simple instructions provided in the admin panel of this plugin. It not only minimizes your efforts but also opens door to integrate new and popular payment gateways based on the region of your business operations.


Admin Panel


  • Enable/disable payment gateways.

  • Configure who will pay Stripe’s and PayPal Adaptive's fees.

  • Select who will be the primary receiver and secondary receiver in the case of PayPal Adaptive payment gateway.

  • Set the percentage of MangoPay's fees to be paid by the seller.

  • View transaction details