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Directory / Pages - Advanced Features Extension


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Helps in enhancing user engagement by providing many incredible features and assures the best user experience.




Layout Mapping

Layouts can be mapped with categories or packages. Page owners can also be allowed to choose a layout from the available options. 3 predefined layouts available which can be edited by the admin. Admin can also create new layouts.


Call-To-Action Button

Page admins can add a call to action button to their page profile according to their page requirement. Admins can also add the URL where they want to send users to when they click on this button.


Operating Hours

Page admins can specify the operating hours of their pages from the page dashboard. The operating hours will be then displayed on an attractive page on the page profile.


Page Services

Page admins can add the services offered by their pages/listings along with their duration from the page dashboard which will then be displayed in a separate widget on the page profile.


Page Creation Tips

You can add tips for page creation based on your site requirements from the admin panel that will then be displayed to the user in a widget on the Page Creation form.


Category Selection

Category selection before page creation can be enabled. If enabled, users will have to select categories in the first step of the page creation, thus improving the user experience.


Quick Page Creation

You can enable quick page creation so that, only mandatory fields, like page title, URL, description, etc. would appear in the page creation form. Page admins can fill in the other details from the Page dashboard once the page is created.


Disable Joining of Groups

Page owners can disable the joining of their groups by other members on the site. This feature is however dependent on our Directory / Pages - Page Members Extension


AJAX Based Pages OWL Carousel

It displays pages in an attractive carousel with faster loading and smooth transition. This widget is highly configurable from the admin panel.


Modifiable Layout

Three layouts are provided by default to display the profile page. These layouts can be easily modified. Also, the new layout can also be created effectively.


Directory / Pages - Advanced Features extension is an incredible add-on to the Directory / Pages Plugin with some fabulous additional features. Since this extension is the ideal solution for advanced listings, its new features enable you to map different modifiable layouts with categories or packages. This extension is beneficial in enhancing the user experience because of its stunning new features. It's a visually attractive user interface that grabs the attention of visitors to your community. Using its new creation method users can easily create new pages without facing any hassle.

This package can be used on your site for endless purposes like an online directory, records, catalogs, listing products, places, books, recipes, pets, services, archives, offerings, etc. It enables you to create rich, detailed listings and provides multiple tools for this. Multiple admin configurations, custom fields, customizable pages, widgets, and flexible features allow you to extend this plugin based on your site's requirements, and also to create your own directory.


Key Features


    • Quick & Easy Creation of Pages

    • Manageable Operating Hours

    • Effective Mapping of Default Layouts

    • Splendid Carousel with Hover Effect

    • Adequate Page Services for Profile Page

    • Tips for the Page Creators


Admin Panel


Layout Mapping

  • Three options for Layout Mapping, i.e. category-based, package-based, user allowed to choose layouts for their pages or no mapping.

  • Create new layouts or edit the existing ones from the predefined layouts tab.

  • Categories or packages can be mapped with different layouts.


Page Services

  • Page Services can be enabled for specific packages.

  • When packages are disabled, allow individual member levels to create services for their pages from Member Level Settings.

  • Set the position of the Page Services widget on the Page Profile.


Page Creation Tips

  • Enable/disable Tips section from Global Settings.

  • Rich text editor for saving Tips.


Operating Hours

  • Enable/disable operating hours feature from Global Settings.

  • Set the position of the operating hour's widget on the page profile.


Joining of Groups

  • Enable/disable joining of other members to particular groups from global settings.


Display Name of Page Owner

  • Allow the users to display the name of page owners on the page from global settings.


Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.9.0
  • Latest Product Version 5.9.0
  • Modifies SE Core Yes


  • Responsive Yes
  • Included Free Free initial installation, Free Upgrades, 90 days complimentary support (per support terms)

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