Classifieds » API & Integrations » SocialCommerce - SocialEngine Magento Integration Plugin

Classifieds » API & Integrations » SocialCommerce - SocialEngine Magento Integration Plugin

SocialCommerce - SocialEngine Magento Integration Plugin

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.5.0
  • Latest Product Version 5.4.1
  • Modifies SE Core Yes


  • Responsive Yes
  • Included Free Free initial installation, Free Upgrades, 90 days complimentary support (per support terms)

Sales and Support Info


Exclusive Offer We offer FREE Installation of this Plugin, FREE Support for the first 90 days, and FREE Upgrades.


 Allows you to have a professional webshop with all the essential features.




  • Attractive Catalog display

  • Categorical, price-wise, and attribute-wise product catalog browsing

  • Attractive Product display. Multiple images per product and image zoom-in feature

  • Full-featured Shopping Cart

  • Newsletters

  • Wishlists

  • Discount Coupons and other Marketing Tools like Promotional Pricing, etc.

  • Product Reviews

  • Comparing Products

  • Various product types like Simple, Virtual, Grouped, Configurable, Bundle and Downloadable

  • Numerous pricing possibilities

  • Enables setting up product relations like Up-selling products, Related products, and Cross-selling Products

  • Webshop insights with good analytics and reporting features (like abandoned cart report, bestsellers, best customers, search term report, etc.)

  • Multi-lingual support

  • Support for Multiple Currencies

  • SSL support and one-page checkout process

  • Multiple payment modes like a credit card, Paypal, other payment gateways, cheque, money order, etc.

  • The strong Data Encryption technique of Magento is used in the back-end for payments

  • Shipping method APIs, free shipping, multi-address shipping, etc.

  • Breadcrumb Navigation within Store

  • Tagging of Products

  • Advanced Product Search (including over attributes, price, etc.)

  • Gifting products

  • Invoicing

  • Taxes

  • Related Products suggestions


Add a feature-rich Magento eCommerce store to your SocialEngine Community with our plugin and see your Community & Magento eCommerce store grow together. This plugin allows you to have a professional webshop with all the essential features. You get the social features and CMS capabilities from SocialEngine and the advanced eCommerce capabilities are provided by Magento, one of the most popular and robust eCommerce platforms. This way, you get the best of both Social Community and eCommerce.


Key Features


Single Sign-On


Provides your users with a seamless login and browsing experience to your Magento eCommerce store blended with your SocialEngine Community.


Activity Feeds Integration


Activity feeds are generated for various actions such as purchasing products, adding those to wishlist, etc. Activity feeds contain thumbnails and names of the products purchased/added to the wishlist, and call-to-action links like "View all Products". This not only deepens integration of both the platforms but also increases engagement and influences the purchasing decisions of shoppers.


Cart Synchronization


It doesn’t matter whether users are browsing pages of SocialEngine website or Magento store because they can access your Cart from anywhere and make purchases seamlessly.


Customizable Widgets


We've displayed widgets or blocks showing Best Selling and Newest Products from the Magento store on SocialEngine pages. This again deepens integration and gives shoppers a seamless experience of browsing a single Social Commerce application while enjoying the benefits of both the platforms.


Uniform Theming


Want to make both your websites appear the same to end-users in terms of theme and design? No worries! We’ll do this for you. (Note: The customization charges for this are not included in the plugin's price. Please contact us to get a “Quote”.)


Why do we need this Plugin?


  • Magento is an Open Source eCommerce Platform. Open Source

  • Tailor-made For eCommerce

  • 100% Flexibility to Meet Evolving Business Needs

  • Freedom To Choose Hosting Service

  • Magento Does Not Charge You For Growing Bigger

  • Easy To Integrate Third Party Add-ons

  • Easy to Customize

  • Fast. Really Fast

  • Running Multiple Websites on Single Backend Platform

  • Grow an International Audience With Magento