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GDPR Compliance Plugin


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GDPR Compliance made easy for your SocialEngine website.



  • Consent Approval Banner will display on your site page till the user approve his preferences. This banner is completely customizable.
  • Showcase various cookies and consents to the users in order to get their approvals as privacy preferences.
  • Logged-in user's details along with their consents will be listed in the user's consents whereas logged-out users' consents will be saved in the browsers.
  • Privacy Center page has many options to make privacy policies and data access details as transparent as possible to users, like: Consent Cookies, Contact DPO, Apply for Records, Unsubscribe, Abolish Data.

This plugin gives your website a Privacy Center page comprising of many options for the users like Approve Consents, Reject / Withdraw Consents, Edit Consents, etc. Also, users can send requests to contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO), apply for data records, unsubscribe from various emails, and the abolishment of their data.
Consent approval banner also displays the privacy preferences to site users. The text and position of this banner are completely customizable. Once their preferences are set, users can change them anytime from the privacy center page or general settings. All the consents given by logged-in users and requests received regarding any of the above concerns can be viewed from the Admin Panel. Admin will also receive emails corresponding to all the requests so that their responses and required actions will not be delayed.


Key Features

Privacy Center Page

This page highlights your proactiveness towards GDPR compliance as it is one destination for your users for all privacy-related information and to make any requests regarding their personal data. All the components of this page are fully customizable.

Privacy Preferences

You can display all the cookies and any other consents you want to approve from the users as privacy preferences. This plugin will block the cookies for which consent is not received by the user. These consents can be withdrawn or approved again anytime.

Consent Approval Banner

This is an attractive banner that is displayed in the footer of your site. This banner’s text and position are completely customizable. Privacy preferences link is given in this banner from where the user can approve various consents.

Audit Log

All the contents are given and requests send by any user can be audited on a single admin section "audit log" along with the date of action performed. You just need to enter the registered email of the requested user.

Mail Templates Integration

This plugin is fully integrated with SocialEngine’s mailing system. For every request sent by the user, the admin will receive an email so that requests can be entertained ASAP.

Sample Privacy Policy

To make things easier for you, we have provided you sample content of a Privacy Policy, in the Admin Panel, that is professionally written as per GDPR compliance. You can edit it as per your site’s features and details.

100 % Responsive

Complete UI of this plugin including the privacy center page, consent approval banner, and privacy preferences popup are fully compatible with all screen sizes. After all compliance on all screen sizes is equally important.


Banner Settings

Customize the text and links of the consent approval banner from here. You can also select any of the given position to showcase the banner.

Cookies Categories

List down all the cookies used on your site here as different categories so that the user can approve his preferences easily.

Consent Settings

You can create consent for any of the user data being accessed by your site and get their approval from the users.

User Consents

All the details of the logged-in users along with the consents given by them will list down here.

User Requests

All the requests made by the users either for contacting Data Protection Head, for unsubscribing Newsletters, forgetting the record of their data accessed till now or for the abolishment of their personal information completely from the site will list down under this tab.

Sample Privacy Policy

A sample privacy policy is given here, that meets GDPR compliance. You can edit it as per your site details and use it for your website.

Manage Cookies

All the cookies used by your site (excluding any third-party cookie) are listed in this tab to make cookies categories creation easier for you.

Privacy Center Components

All the components of the privacy center are listed in this tab. You can enable, disable, edit, and reorder them.

Audit Log

One destination to audit all the consents and requests of any user. You just need to enter the registered email of the requested user.

Why do we need this Plugin?

  • Various requests send by the users will get the list down in the admin section - user requests.
  • All the action entries for any particular user can be audited from the audit log.
  • Fully integrated with SocialEngine mailing system. For every request generated by the user, admin will get an email.
  • A sample privacy policy as per the GDPR guidelines is provided to help you in composing one for your website.

This plugin is built to assist you, the website owner, to comply with GDPR. Activating this plugin does not guarantee that your website is fully compliant with GDPR regulations. As an administrator, you need to assess the necessary measures that are required specifically for your website to make it fully compliant with GDPR, and ensure that those measures are in place.

Price Details

Sales and Discounts

  • Discounted Price $69.00

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.9.0
  • Latest Product Version 5.9.0
  • Modifies SE Core No


  • Responsive Yes
  • Included Free Free initial installation, Free Upgrades, 90 days complimentary support (per support terms)

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