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Testing / Quality Assessment Service


 Honoring promises and deliver cost-effective, efficient, and customized testing services to clients




1. UI/UX Testing: Testers at verify user interface and analyze the experience of all the modules being used on your application as well as your whole application by relying on best practices and their own experience and your preferences. This step basically determines whether the website is user friendly.


Areas Covered Under UI/UX Testing:

  • Responsiveness

  • Cross-Platform Testing

  • Cross-Device Testing

  • Visual Design Analysis

  • Navigation Effectiveness

  • Usability Testing

  • Data Integrity Checks

  • Input Field Formats

  • Recommendations for all issues


2. Functionality Testing: This step considers the previously specified behavior of all the modules installed on your website as well as your whole website. Our testers are skilled in verifying the functionality of different modules and SocialEngine as a whole. Functional testing usually describes what the system does base on what it should.


Areas Covered Under Functional Testing:

  • SocialEngine core platform

  •'s Plugins

  • 3rd party Plugins

  • Theme module running on the website


3. Security Testing: This includes assessing the vulnerability of your application to various attack types. Besides informative error reports, testers of gives practical advice on how to reduce security risks. They are familiar with modern methods and approaches to security testing.


4. Performance Testing: This determines how your application will react to a load with a specified number of visitors. Our testers can professionally perform performance testing, analyze your website’s speed using appropriate tools, and will even provide you recommendations for every issue with the performance of your website.


Areas Covered Under Performance Testing:

  • Page Speed Testing

  • Page Load & Stress Testing

  • Recommendations for every problem


5. Integration Testing: Integration testing ensures a seamless workflow across all the modules running on your site. Our testers analyze the compatibility of different modules or plugins running on your application with each other as well as the SocialEngine core platform and theme running on your website and provide suggestions to fix these issues.


Areas Covered Under Integration Testing:

  • Seamless workflow among Plugins ( as well as 3rd party plugins)

  • Compatibility of all Plugins with SocialEngine Core Platform

  • Compatibility of your theme & design with the rest of the modules and core platform

  • Recommendations for issues


6. Mobile Application Testing: Functionality, Usability, and Integrability are the core attributes to analyze the customer satisfaction towards a mobile application and for you to know the same, it needs to be rigorously tested which is why we also help you do mobile app testing. We will check to see if your apps can endure high loads, working as expected each time and yet easy to use for your customers.


Areas Covered Under Mobile Application Testing:

  • Mobile Functional Testing

  • Mobile Usability Testing

  • Mobile Compatibility Testing


Software Testing & Quality Assessment is an incredibly important part of the software development lifecycle. How could your product be a smashing success if it doesn’t perform well for all your customers?

At, we believe in honoring promises and deliver cost-effective, efficient, and customized testing services to clients all around the world. We know the difference between software testing and software quality and how to build a strategy to meet your business and technical goals.


Why do we need this Service?


  • TaaS (Testing as a Service)

    We offer our clients the flexibility to ask us to test what they need. Our ability to provide various types of testing services (described later on this page) characterized by a Pay-as-you-go model makes it a best-fit for everyone.


  • Best-In-Industry Skills

    Our team of testers are highly skilled and perform quality assessment & testing, taking into consideration your specific business model and requirements.


  • Best Methodologies

    We work hard to devise clear processes for managing testing efforts of any kind. Years of experience have helped us to create efficient and effective testing methodologies.


  • Flexibility

    We understand that businesses have divergent needs and budgets, and want flexibility with payments and service contracts. From utilizing our expertise on an as-needed basis to having a team of our QA Professionals for a long term contract, we have a model that will meet your demands.


  • Customer Success

    Customer’s Success is our ultimate goal. Reliability in our software assessment strategy help clients gets positive feedback as well as increased engagement on their websites.


  • Well-Thought Recommendations

    We not only perform testing and assess the quality of your website, but our experts also provide special recommendations for every single problem noticed on your website.


  • Test Summary Reports

    After successful execution, our team prepares well-formatted test summary reports giving you a clear idea of all the issues identified during the process along with suitable recommendations across each module.


To enhance user engagement and make your community a success, it’s important that you focus on launching a perfectly working website and providing an impeccable user experience which cannot be achieved unless an experienced and dedicated QA team works on it. To discuss the challenges being faced by you in doing the perfect QA of your web application, contact us now!

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.9.0
  • Latest Product Version 5.9.0
  • Modifies SE Core Yes

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