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Deeplinking / Universal Linking in iOS and Android Mobile Apps


 Allows the link to Go Deeper to a specific content page in the Mobile App, instead of Mobile Browser




Easy Content Promotion

Your Marketing Approach to attract users in the Events on your community, or any Online Store where you’re offering great discounts, you can easily bring users to your app on a Specific Content using Deep Linking.


Increased User Experience and User Engagement

It allows users to easily access content without any navigation. Clicking on the links from Social Media or Ads redirect users to specific content in the Mobile App provides them a seamless user experience. Easy and One Click redirection to the required content in the App instead of navigation to the Browser, help members to retain as a frequent user of the Application.


Re-Engagement of Existing App Users

It’s an add-on when a user has your app installed but has been inactive for a period of time. Clicking on any related links of your community will immediately get such users to the targeted page thus, incentivize them to engage with the app again.


Improved Search Results

When browsing links in the Search Results, redirection of those directly to the specified location in the Mobile App provides improved searched results and a richer mobile experience.


Effective Marketing Campaigns and Ads

If there are any Ads posted for your Community, it will redirect directly to the App enhancing the Marketing Strategy


Enhanced App Discoverability

This feature allows redirecting to the Apps, directly or indirectly. Thus, your app will remain in the eye of the users.


Deep Linking allows the link to Go Deeper to a specific content page in the Mobile App, instead of Mobile Browser. Deep Linking works in a number of ways - like SMS, Email, Social Media, etc. and clicking on the links directs the user to the required content as opposed to Mobile Browser. Deep Linking will not only increase user experience but it will increase App Installs also.


Interactions that Deeplinking Supports


  • App to App

  • SMS to App

  • Social Media to App

  • Email to App

  • Browse Search Results to App

  • Mobile Site to App

  • Ad to App

Key Features


1. Improved User Experience

Users search for something and they come across their desired content in search results, Deep Linking helps them to redirect to the required page by skipping launch and welcome screens.


2. Easy App Content Promotions

If you have shared the content link on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or SMS, etc for promotions, Deep Linking helps you to take the user directly to the app with the right content.


3. Effective Marketing Campaigns

If you are offering discounts in your Store, Events, Classifieds, etc, Sharing relevant links at required platforms will take users to the targeted content page. Thus, Deep Linking makes your campaigns efficient by increasing Sales and Profits.

4. Increase User Engagement and Retention Rate

Deep Linking enables re-engagement for users who already have your app installed, but are not much active on it. Deep Linking brings users back to the app when they are searching for anything particular and came across the content in your app.

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.9.0
  • Latest Product Version 5.9.0
  • Modifies SE Core Yes

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