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Crowdfunding/Donations Plugin Integration with Android Apps


 Helps you reach the right and a large number of audience and donors more easily and makes the fundraising process much simpler.




Front-end Features:

• Easy Navigation to Projects

• Project Creation

• Project Browsing

• Project Filtering

• Project Sharing on Social Platforms

• Suggest Friends to Back Projects

• Highlighted Featured and Sponsored Projects

• Appealing and Detailed Project View Page

• Highlighted important information on the Project Browse and View Page

• Easy to Locate Project Funding Progress Bar, Backer Count, Backed Amount etc.

• Easy access to Project Owner’s Profile, Bio and his Social Profiles

• Contact Project Owner and see his previously run projects

• Back Projects with or without the Rewards

• Post in Project to keep it highly visible in the community

• List of Project Backers

• FAQs for Project Owner and Backers


Backend Features for Project Owners:

• Quick access to Project Dashboard

• Easy to Edit Project Details

• Quick to Manage Project Photos and Videos

• Add Payment Methods

• Create Rewards

• Manage Leaders

• View Backers Report

• View Transaction Details


Raising funds using Crowdfunding is more efficient than Traditional Methods. Our Feature Rich Crowdfunding Plugin in Android Mobile App offers everything required for raising funds and can help you and Fundraisers in your community in every possible way.



Crowdfunding Plugin is an Amazing Plugin that has the capabilities to help entrepreneurs to take their projects to next level and achieve their milestones. Starting from smaller to large scale projects, Crowdfunding is widely used for other various ideas like collecting funds for any Business Idea, Charity, Personal Causes, Awareness Events, and a lot more.


Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.9.0
  • Latest Product Version 5.9.0
  • Modifies SE Core Yes
  • Notes

    Crowdfunding Plugin is currently compatible with Android Mobile App and Service Price is only for Android App (not iOS). It will be made compatible with iOS Mobile App later in the future. To access Crowdfunding Feature from iOS App, you can use Webview Feature. Read more about Webview Feature.

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