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Directory / Pages and All Extensions - Product Kit


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Allow you to extend this plugin based on your site's requirements, and also to create your own niche directory


Products Included:


  • Directory / Pages Plugin Directory / Pages Plugin enables you to have a robust directory system in your social network. This feature-rich plugin can be used for a wide variety of listings like pages (hotels, stores, restaurants, etc), personalities, products, profiles, services, books, pets, etc. This plugin gives you a great monetization opportunity by allowing you to charge users for pages.
  • NEW! Directory / Pages - Advanced Features Extension  Advanced Features Extension is an add-on that enhances user engagement by providing many incredible features and assures the best user experience.
  • Free! Directory / Pages - Short Page URL Extension Short Page URL Extension for Directory / Pages Plugin enables URLs of Directory Items / Pages on your website to be made short and more human-readable. Such URLs are easier for visitors to identify, remember, and share. Short URLs make it easier for Page owners to direct others to their Page on your site.
    With this extension, Page URLs like: can be changed to: Site Admin can also ban offensive URLs.
  • Directory / Pages - Photo Albums Extension Photo Albums Extension enables adding photos to Pages. Creating albums and adding photos is quick and easy. Lightbox AJAX viewer for photos (Theater Mode) provides a great user experience. Along with all the flexibility, configuration options, and attractive photo viewing experience that this album extension provides, it is a great tool for adding and showcasing photos on Pages of your site.
  • Directory / Pages - Videos Extension Videos Extension enables adding videos to Pages. Creating videos is quick and easy. Videos can be added from multiple sources. An attractive way of video viewing ensures a good user experience and enjoyment to users.
  • Directory / Pages - Reviews and Ratings Extension Reviews and Rating Extension enables users to rate and write reviews for Page items. The rating system is categorical and attractive. A nicely designed interface for seeing ratings and reviews provides a good user experience.
  • Directory / Pages - Notes Extension Notes Extension enables adding notes to Pages. It gives a publishing tool to Page admins (just like a blog). This allows Page owners to generate content for their Page to share more information and connect with their audience.
  • Directory / Pages - Events Extension Events Extension enables creating events for Pages. Events can be used by Pages for many purposes like product launches, sports matches, competitions, celebrations, etc.
  • Directory / Pages - Page Members Extension Page Members Extension is a great tool which will enable you to allow members of your site to become a member of Pages by joining them from the powerful "Directory / Pages Plugin" on your site. With this tool, users will be able to become members of Pages, invite their friends, choose their Membership Roles and Affiliation / Membership / Joining Dates in Pages they are a member of.
  • Directory / Pages - Polls Extension Polls Extension enables the creation of polls in Pages. Users of your site and Page owners can gather opinions and feedback within the Pages on your site. Members can create poll questions within Pages which can be answered by visitors. The answers given by others for these polls are shown in an attractive graphical manner.
  • Directory / Pages - Multiple Listings and Products Showcase Extension Multiple Listings and Products Showcase Extension enables Page Owners to link / add / associate related Listings to their Pages. Such listings will be displayed on the Page profiles, thus making the Pages more informative and useful. This extension gives you a wide array of possibilities to extend Pages on your website. The ability to show their various listings, products, offerings, etc on their Pages will also motivate users to create more listings on your website, and keep their Pages updated.
  • Directory / Pages - Inviter and Promotion Extension Inviter and Promotion Extension enables Page owners to invite their contacts, friends, fans, and customers to their Page and increase its popularity. It provides effective tools to Page owners to expand the visitor base to their Page. Users can securely import their contact lists/address books from popular email services and applications to invite their contacts to their Page.
  • Directory / Pages - Offers Extension Offers Extension enables adding offers to Pages. Offers can have useful information associated like Coupon Code, No. of Claims, Expiry Date, etc. Members can claim offers and this is very well integrated with activity feeds. Admin can mark certain offers as "Hot" to highlight them and each Page can have a Featured Offer. This is a great tool for adding and showcasing offers on Pages of your site.
  • Directory / Pages - Form Extension Form Extension enables Page owners to create a custom form on their Page and receive user responses for it. This extension can be very useful for various types of Pages. For example, hotels, agents, dealers & many other pages could use this form to receive bookings from users. Such a form can also be used to receive user feedback, suggestions, requests, etc. The form is highly customizable and Page admins can create any form fields of their choice.
  • Directory / Pages - Badges Extension Badges extension enables association and display of badges on directory items/pages. It can be used to specially mark Pages as per your requirements. For example, Pages can be marked as: "Premium", "Leader", "Expert", "Highly Recommended", "Community Approved", "Trusted", etc. Badges can thus also be used to help users in better identifying the type of Page items they are looking for. They enhance the identity of Pages.
  • Free! Directory / Pages - Contact Page Owners Extension Contact Page Owners Extension enables you to quickly reach out to all the Admins of Pages on your site via 2 effective channels: Emails and Messages. Outgoing emails can be made rich and attractive to match your site's theme and brand identity. Messages can have media attachments. Such communication serves multiple purposes like sharing tips to more effectively use Pages on your website, introducing new features of Pages to your users, motivating users to keep their Pages updated and active on your website, and so on.
  • Directory / Pages - Embeddable Badges, Like Box Extension Embeddable Badges, Like Box Extension enables Page owners to promote their Pages on external websites or blogs. This is a great tool for them to attract people and gain popularity, visibility, and Likes for their Pages via attractive embeddable badges that can be shared across the web. This is similar to but more advanced than the Like Box on Facebook. Externally embedded Page Badges also have the potential to generate considerable traffic for your website and increase its awareness as all links in them point back to the website.
  • Directory / Pages - Music Extension Music Extension enables adding music to Pages. Multiple playlists with songs can be created in Pages and shared. Creating playlists is quick and easy. An attractive music player provides a great user experience. The music player can be embedded on the Page profile or in the Page updates activity feed.
  • Free! Directory / Pages - Discussions Extension Discussions Extension enables threaded discussion topics in Pages. With this extension, each page gets a "Discussions" tab/section with a discussion forum allowing members to discuss and share information about the Page entity. This is also a very useful tool for Page owners to gather feedback and spread awareness about their Page entity.
  • Content Profiles - Cover Photo, Banner & Site Branding Plugin This plugin enables you to have attractive content profiles on your website with Cover Photos, Elegant Tabs, Information widgets, various action links, and more! You can upload Default Cover Photo for content types, which the content owners can then change individually. And what's more: With Member Level settings like different default content cover photos for the various Member Levels, ability to edit/upload content's cover photo based on Member Level, and other administrative settings, this plugin also provides opportunities for Site-branding and Monetization!
  • Directory / Pages and All Extensions - Product Kit Installation Service After the completion of your payment, and configuration of your license(s) for your plugin(s) from your Client Area, if you want us to install the products included in this kit on your site, then please initiate a Support Ticket from your Client Area and send us the following information of your site for the installation of the products included in this kit:
    1) Site Admin details:
    • URL
    • Email
    • Password
    2) Site FTP Details:
    • Host
    • Username
    • Password

         This service is normally completed in 12 to 24 hours.

This product kit can be used on your site for endless purposes like: online directory, records, catalogs, listing products, places, books, recipes, pets, classifieds, services, archives, offerings, etc. It enables you to create rich, detailed pages with all the Extensions of the Directory / Pages. Multiple admin configurations, custom fields, customizable pages, widgets, and flexible features allow you to extend this plugin based on your site's requirements, and also to create your own niche directory.

Price Details

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  • Price $513.00
  • Bundle Package Deal Yes
  • Products Included

    Name Of The Plugin                                                                                         Cost
    Directory / Pages Plugin                                                                                    $99
    Directory / Pages - Advanced Features Extension                                          $79
    Directory / Pages - Photo Albums Extension                                                   $19
    Directory / Pages - Videos Extension                                                                $19
    Directory / Pages - Reviews and Ratings Extension                                        $19
    Directory / Pages - Notes Extension                                                                  $19
    Directory / Pages - Events Extension                                                                $19
    Directory / Pages - Page Members Extension                                                  $29
    Directory / Pages - Polls Extension                                                                   $19
    Directory / Pages - Multiple Listings and Products Showcase Extension     $19
    Directory / Pages - Inviter and Promotion Extension                                     $19
    Directory / Pages - Offers Extension                                                                $19
    Directory / Pages - Form Extension                                                                  $29
    Directory / Pages - Badges Extension                                                               $19
    Directory / Pages - Embeddable Badges, Like Box Extension                       $19
    Directory / Pages - Music Extension                                                                 $19
    Content Profiles - Cover Photo, Banner & Site Branding Plugin                 $19 Bulk Plugin Installation and Upgrade                                 $30
    Total Price                                                                                                         $513
    But, we are offering this bundle for just $299, so, you'll get a discount of $214.

Sales and Discounts

  • Discounted Price $299.00

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.9.0
  • Latest Product Version 5.9.0
  • Modifies SE Core Yes


  • Responsive Yes
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Plugins Yes
  • Included Free Free initial installation, Free Upgrades, 90 days complimentary support (per support terms)

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