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Ultimate Twitter Clone Package


Exclusive Offer from Get this Package for $699 instead of $1364 till the offer last.

The package includes all the plugins that you need to kick-start a booming network similar to Twitter

Products Included:

Make your Social Engine Community alike Twitter & Increase User Retention.
Twitter is a social networking platform on which users post and interact with one another. Ultimate Twitter Clone Package enables you to build up your SocialEngine website like Twitter Clone in a couple of few minutes. It contains all the plugins which are required to set up an attractive and feature-rich online community.

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Price Details

  • Product Purchase URL
  • Price $1,364.00
  • Bundle Package Deal Yes
  • Products Included

    Name Of The Plugin                                                                                      Cost
    Ultimate Twitter Clone Theme                                                                      $69
    Advanced Photo Albums Plugin                                                                    $49
    Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin                                                         $69
    Advanced Comments Plugin - Nested Comments, Replies, Voting & Attachments                                                                                                                           $39
    Advanced Members Plugin - Better Browse & Search, User Reviews, Ratings & Location                                                                                                             $39
    Content Profiles - Cover Photo, Banner & Site Branding Plugin             $19
    User Profiles - Cover Photo, Banner & Site Branding Plugin                   $29
    Members Verification Plugin                                                                        $49
    Advanced Events Plugin                                                                                $79
    Bot Actions Plugin - Auto Follow / Join / Like / Auto Friend Request      $69
    Advanced Videos / Channels / Playlists Plugin                                            $59
    Advanced Music Albums, Songs, Playlists & Artists Plugin                      $59
    Advanced Share Plugin                                                                                  $29
    Custom Error Pages & Redirection Plugin                                                  $39
    Language Translator / Multilingual Plugin                                                  $29
    Progressive Web Apps Plugin                                                                       $119
    Social Login and Sign-up Plugin                                                                   $39
    Quick & Single Step Signup Plugin                                                              $39
    FAQs, Knowledgebase, Tutorials & Help Center Plugin                            $49
    Administration Tool: Bulk Importing Users / Creating Dummy or Test Users Plugin                                                                                                                      $69
    Web Browser Push Notifications Plugin                                                      $29
    GIF Images Player & GIPHY Integration Plugin                                       $29
    Advanced Forums Plugin                                                                              $59
    Automated Website Tour, Walk-through & Feature Plugin                      $39
    Groups / Communities Plugin                                                                      $149
    Bookmarks and Shortcuts Plugin                                                                $19
    Total Price                                                                                                     $1364

Sales and Discounts

  • Discounted Price $699.00

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.9.0
  • Latest Product Version 5.9.0
  • Modifies SE Core Yes
  • Notes

    Installation of products included in this package easy

    The installation of all the products included in this package is easy. But, if you want us to install the products included in this package on your site, then after the completion of your payment, and configuration of your license(s) for your plugin(s) from your Client Area, please initiate a Support Ticket from your Client Area and send us the following information of your site for the installation of the products included in this package:


    1) Your SocialEngine License Key
    2) FTP information (Please get this from your hosting provider if you do not already have this.):

    • -Host

    • -Username

    • -Password

    3) Database information (Please get this from your hosting provider if you do not already have this.):

    • -Host

    • -Username

    • -Password

    4) Your Site pointing to Server location.
    5) Other desired site information:

    • -Community Title

    • -Admin Email

    • -Admin Password

    This service is normally completed in 12 to 24 hours.


  • Responsive Yes
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Plugins Yes

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