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Real-time Notifications for Website & Mobile Apps


This service allows you to send & receive real-time notifications of the executed actions taken by users.



  • -Real-time Notification Service for Website & Mobile Apps allows your notifications to be 10 times faster than normal notifications.

  • -You can purchase this service for a particular plugin based on your requirement as well.

  • -Our developers will add the required code for plugins for which the service has been purchased.

  • -This notification service will not be dependent on the job scheduler running in the background, it just sends the notification as soon as the user hits the request.

  • -This service will be extremely helpful for the communities having larger numbers of users and normal notifications can make your website speed slow.

  • -Our team will allow this service to be run on the same server and a new server can also be set up based on the client's requirement which can make it more reliable and increases the efficiency of the website and mobile apps.

Are you facing major issues, lagging of your website and mobile apps for not receiving or not able to send the notifications at the exact time? is here to help you with its new service i.e, Real-time Notifications for Website & Mobile Apps, from which communities can provide their users the best experience by quickly reacting to the actions performed by their users.

Why Choose Us?

  • -This service will help you to improve the user experience on the website and mobile apps.

  • -Websites using the Live Streaming, Web User Stories Plugin, Stories feature for Mobile Apps, etc. require a much faster real-time notification service, as it helps users to join the live videos and get an update about the stories.

  • -Our Service will handle the Notification load of your website and mobile apps can manage the asked request with ease.

  • -Our team will take care of issues faced by you in customized plugins and will provide you complete assistance for your queries.

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.9.0
  • Latest Product Version 5.9.0
  • Modifies SE Core Yes
  • Notes

    For this feature, You will need to get your website and apps upgraded with Real-time Notifications for Website & Mobile Apps Service. Contact our Support Team by filing a Support Ticket

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