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Classifieds » Engagement » Birthdays Plugin

Birthdays Plugin

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Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.6.1
  • Latest Product Version 5.6.1
  • Modifies SE Core No


  • Responsive Yes
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Plugins Yes
  • Included Free Free initial installation, Free Upgrades, 90 days complimentary support (per support terms)

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Exclusive Offer from We offer FREE Installation of this plugin, FREE Support for the first 90 days, and FREE Upgrades.

Never forget birthdays of any friend & send birthday wishes to them.



  • Birthdays Listing Page:

    • This page lists the birthdays of friends for the current date, current month, and for other dates in a month-wise order.

    • Users can easily click on links to wish and message friends having birthdays.

    • This page also shows the age of the friends. Users can hide their age on birthdays listing page by not mentioning year in their birthdate. Also, if the admin chooses to hide the birthdate from user profiles, the age will not be shown in birthdays listing.

    • Admin can enable the link for the Birthdays Listing Page on the Member Homepage in the left-side menu.

    • Birthdays widget contains link for this listing page.

  • Attractive Birthdays Widget:

    • Admin can choose the widget layout from amongst these 4 formats: "Names only", "Profile pictures only", "Profile pictures and names" and "Calendar format".

    • Calendar format display makes the widget to be always visible, and shows birthdays in the previous, current and next years. Users can smoothly browse over the various months in the calendar to see the friends' birthdays in them.

    • Other formats make the widget to be visible only if there are friends' birthdays in the current date, and show birthdays in the current date with a link to the birthdays listing page.

    • All 4 formats have good-looking tooltips allowing users to easily wish or message the persons having their birthdays.

  • Automatic Birthday Reminders:

    • Sends automatic birthday reminder emails to users for the upcoming birthdays of their friends.

    • This ensures that users do not miss a friend's birthday.

    • Admin can set the duration before a friend's birthday when users should get its reminder.

    • Admin can configure the template/theme and content of the birthday reminder emails.

  • Automatic Birthday Wish:

    • Enables your site to send automatic birthday wish emails to users on their birthdays.

    • The birthday wish email has an attractive theme with birthday wish image.

    • Admin can configure the template/theme and content of the birthday wish emails.

  • Both the automatic email services can be enabled/disabled by site admin.

Add a new personal touch to your social community. This plugin shows to users the birthdays of their friends, and allows them to wish easily. Users can browse over months to see birthdays, both on a listing page, as well as in widgets. The layout of Birthdays widget can be chosen from 4 attractive formats, including a birthday calendar. Admin configurable Automatic Birthday Reminder emails inform users of upcoming birthdays. Admin can also configure Automatic Birthday Wish emails to wish users on their birthdays.