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Professional Contests Plugin


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Contest Creation

Contest can be created via a page or pop up as selected by admin. Contest Owner has to fill the required details.

Four Media Types

Contest Owners can create the contests using the four media types. (Text, Photo, Music, Video)

Maximum Contests

Admin can set maximum contests as per the member level under Member Level Settings.


Contest owners can set up to 5 Awards for the winners of each of their contests.

1-Click Contest Entry

User can participate by 1 click contest entry where they have to just submit their description, title, and their entry.

Voting via Likes or Votes

This setting allows the admin to enable voting by likes and votes.

Jury Members

A group of members is added as jury members. Winners are declared on the basis of jury member votes.

Winner Declaration

Winner Declaration is done on the basis of votes. Admin and contest owners can also declare a winner in special circumstances.

Contest & Entry of the Day

Admin can add or manage contest or entry of the day and then showcase them on the website.

Search Form

This plugin provides you with various search filters that filter the contests via name, media type, status, category, browse by.


Admin can track engagement on his website by tracking statistics such as contests, entries, winners, featured/ approved/ trending/ sponsored, published or drafted contests.


This plugin is 100% responsive thus it will automatically adjust to the resolution of your website in mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

Are you looking for a unique and engaging way to attract more site visitors to your website? Well, we’ve just got the solution for you: Run A Contest. This plugin lets you run unlimited contests and give users the opportunity to show their skills. With it, you can configure the contest duration, define the rules, and select the prizes. All that’s left is to push your contest live and let people upload their best entries for a chance to win.


Key Features

  • Supports Four Media Types: Contest owners can create contest using the four media types. Text, Photo, Music, Video
  • Voting Based Contests: Users can participate in ongoing contests and vote for other contests entries.
  • Easy Contest Entry Submission: Contest participation is a single click process. Users just have to submit the description, title and their entry.
  • Voting By Jury Members: A group of members can be added as jury members by admin. Whenever voting through jury members is enabled, winners are decided on the basis of their voting.
  • Winner Declaration: Winner declaration is done automatically on the basis of vote. Admin and contest owner can also declare a winner in special circumstances.
  • Contest & Entry of the Day: Admin can add or manage contest / entry of the day. It can also be showcased on the website..
  • Good User Interface: This plugin provides you with a beautiful user interface that will help in user engagement on your website.
  • And Many More...


Global Settings

This setting allows you to select voting via like or vote buttons, voting by all login users or jury members, sharing of contests and configuring contest submission settings.

Member Level Settings

This section provides you settings for the contest as well as entry. It allows you to view, create, vote, participate, define the number of awards for a contest as well as commenting or deleting any entry.

Profile Fields

This setting allows the contest owner to add additional information about their contest. This additional information will help others to know more specific details about the contest.

Category - Contest Profile Mapping

This setting helps in configuring the mapping between contest categories and profile types such that custom profile fields can be based on categories.

Manage Contests

This setting allows admin to monitor contests using various filters as well as approve/ disapprove, make them featured/ unfeatured, sponsored/ unsponsored, trending, view, details, and delete any contest.

Manage Entries

This setting allows admin to monitor entries using various filters as well as view, details, delete any entry. Admin can also declare any entry as winner and assign a rank to it here.

Search Form Settings

This setting provides you various search filters that you can use on Browse Contests Page as well as on Pinboard Page.

Contest of The Day

You can add and manage contests on your website that are shown in the Contest of the Day widget.

Entry of the Day

You can add and manage entries on your website that are shown in the Entry of the Day widget.


The setting helps the plugin to support up to 3rd level categories for contests. Addition, Deletion of categories can be done here

Jury Members

You can add jury members here, Jury members can vote on contests and winners can be declared. Whenever voting through jury members is enabled, no other user can vote.


Admin can track engagement on his website by tracking statistics such as likes, views, comments, contests, entries, featured/ approved/ trending/ sponsored contests.

Why do we need this Plugin?

  • Increase Traffic on Your Community Website
  • Provide Great Exposure to Your Website
  • Growing Your Audience
  • Increase User Engagement and Retention
  • Improving Your Brand Awareness
  • Improving Your Social Media Presence
  • Monetization by Allowing Contest Creation

Price Details

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.9.0
  • Latest Product Version 5.9.0
  • Modifies SE Core No


  • Responsive Yes
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Plugins Yes
  • Included Free Free initial installation, Free Upgrades, 90 days complimentary support (per support terms)

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