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Services Booking & Appointments Plugin


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Introduces an online Service Booking System to your social community.



Calendar Based Booking

A user will be presented a calendar showing possible time slots for booking appointments of any service, he can book any number of appointments by selecting the required time slots.

Configurable Service Time Durations

Admin can allow different time durations (time period that can be set for one appointment of a service) of .5 hr, 1 hr, 1.5 hr … upto 5 hrs to allow his users to choose from for their services.

Configurable Custom Off Days

User can set those days as Off Days on which they are not providing the service.

Display Timings As Per User's Timezone

No matter what is the timezone of the service provider, user will see the available timings as per his timezone i.e. service timings are displayed as per viewer's timezone.

Location Based Services & Providers

Admin can enable location for services and service providers, then users need to select a location while creating a service or provider and other users can be able to search them based on location.

Automatic Cost Calculations

The total costs of multiple booked appointments are calculated by the plugin itself, users or providers do not have to do any calculations.


Services can be associated with categories specific to them. Some predefined categories are provided and admin is allowed to create new categories.

Reviews & Ratings

Users can be provided an option to give their reviews and ratings on the services and providers.

Manageable Services & Providers

Admin can manage all the services and providers from backend. He can view, edit, delete required entries.

Member Level Settings

Admin can allow or disallow viewing, editing or creation of services and providers for members of different member levels.

Privacy Options

Admin can set if service / provider created by the member of a particular level should be viewable to everyone, registered members or his friends and networks.

Automatic & Admin Based Approval

Admin can select whether all the services / providers are published just after creation or if these need to be approved by him first for going live.

Various Search Filters

Users can search services & service providers based on name, category and location & proximity search.

Unlimited Entries

There is no limit to the number of service providers and services possible. There can be unlimited entries existing on the site.

Social Sharing Possible

Services and Providers can be shared on other social media handles.

Services & Providers Wishlist

Users can add services and providers which are useful for them to their wishlist so that they can quickly see their favorite entries that they can benefit from.

Responsive & Supports RTL

The plugin is fully responsive, it does not matter what device is being used to access the website, it will always look fine. Bookings can also be made using mobile devices. The plugin also supports RTL languages.

Compatible With 3rd Party Themes & Plugins

The plugin will work with all themes and plugins made following SocialEngine standards.

Easy Services Creation & Bookings

Users can come to your website, become service provider and create their services. They can set working hours with available time slots for required days of the week, set work-off days and cost per appointment for a service. Another set of users can book those services online.

Services Booking & Appointments Plugin as the name suggests can be used for introducing an online Service Booking System to your website i.e. you can allow your website users to book an appointment for any service online. Today, when almost all the things have their existence on the web and users are quite web-oriented, so having an online booking system can prove out to be quite useful.


Key Features

  • Calendar Based Bookings: The services can be booked for available dates and timeslots.

  • Configurable Service Time Durations: Users can create services with different time durations.

  • Custom Off Days: Users can show required day(days) as Off day on which service is not available.

  • Timezone Compatibility: It does not matter what's the timezone of the service provider, the users will always see the available servicing time durations in his timezone.

  • Automatic Cost Calculation: The total cost of all appointments booked for a service is calculated automatically.

  • Categorization of Services & Provider: Services & Service Providers are categorized for easy searching.

  • And Many More...


Global Settings

  • You can set the number of entries to be shown on Service & Service Provider Browse Pages.

  • Set singular and plural naming for bookings, services and providers for URLs of the plugin.

  • Share settings for services and providers. You can decide which social share icons you want to show for the services & providers.

  • Enable/Disable Location field for services and providers.

  • Set Miles or Kilometers for Proximity Search.

  • Set Currency Type to be used for displaying services costs.

  • Set Booking Time Frame, all the services then can be booked for available timeslots within that much time period in the future.

Member Level Settings

  • Allow / Disallow viewing of services & providers.

  • Allow / Disallow the creation of services & providers.

  • Allow / Disallow editing of services & providers.

  • Allow / Disallow the deletion of services & providers.

  • Set Privacy options for users for services & providers.

  • Allow / Disallow commenting on services & providers.

  • Set Maximum services allowed.

  • Set Maximum service providers allowed.

  • Allow / Disallow auto-approval of services & providers.

Manage Providers

  • Admin can manage all the service providers existing on the site from here.

  • He can view, edit, delete or approve / disapprove a provider.

  • He can apply various tags like Verified, New, Featured, Trending or Sponsored from here.

  • Search filters are providers on top and searching for a service provider is very easy.

Manage Services

Admin can manage all the services existing on the site from here. He can view, edit or delete a service. He can apply various tags like New, Featured, Trending or Sponsored from here. Search filters are providers on top and searching for a service is very easy.

Manage Bookings

Admin can view all the bookings made with the plugin from this section. He can check the booking details like booking date, status of the booking, its cost etc from here and can delete required bookings.

Manage Durations

Admin can create required time durations that can be used while selecting time durations for services created.


All the Service Categories can be managed from here. Admin can create new categories, subcategories, edit existing categories.

Service of The Day

Admin can set which service has to be displayed as Service of The Day and for which dates.

Reviews & Ratings Settings

Admin can select whether he wants to give his users an option to give reviews and ratings on services and services providers or not.

Why do we need this Plugin?

  • Business Growth for service providers by getting a large number of users for their services.

  • Enhanced User Engagement on website by users who create and book services.

  • Users get a Mode of Marketing of services/providers.

  • Users get Web Presence for their services & service providers.

  • Enables Monetization through paid services.

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.9.0
  • Latest Product Version 5.9.0
  • Modifies SE Core No


  • Responsive Yes
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Plugins Yes
  • Included Free Free initial installation, Free Upgrades, 90 days complimentary support (per support terms)

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