Classifieds » Marketing & SEO » Web Browser Push Notifications Plugin

Classifieds » Marketing & SEO » Web Browser Push Notifications Plugin

Web Browser Push Notifications Plugin

Price Details

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  • Discounted Price $25.00

Product Specifications

  • Compatible with SEPHP Version 5.6.1
  • Latest Product Version 5.6.1
  • Modifies SE Core No


  • Responsive Yes
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Plugins Yes
  • Included Free Free initial installation, Free Upgrades, 90 days complimentary support (per support terms)

Sales and Support Info


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Sends Push Notifications from your Website



Integrated with SocialEngine Notifications

This plugin has deep integration with SocialEngine notifications. This means users get a push notification whenever there is a new notification update for them on your community.

Real-time, Instant Push Notifications

Pull users to your website with this plugin. Without visiting your website, users will get to know about incoming messages, friend requests, notifications, etc as soon as the action happens.

Custom, Personalized Notifications

Engaging custom notifications with image, title and message of your choice can be sent to users. Redirect subscribers to a URL of your website or an external page by adding a link to your notification.

Targeted, Meaningful Notifications

Send custom notifications in targeted manner to users based on Member Levels, Networks, etc. This ensures that users find your push notifications meaningful, and not spammy.

Schedule Your Notifications

You can schedule your custom notifications to be sent at a date and time of your choice. Sending push notifications at a time when your users are most active increases chances of better engagement and more traffic.

Supports both HTTP and HTTPS

This plugin supports push notifications for both HTTP and HTTPS websites. Thus, you do not require SSL to be installed on your website for sending push notifications. If your website is running on HTTP, then push notifications can be sent using our secure servers.

Supports Multiple Browsers

This plugin supports all major web browsers: Chrome: 50+, Mozilla: 44+ and Opera: 42+. This ensures that you can engage users across all popular browsers.

Mobile Compatible

Works perfectly with mobile browsers, thus enabling you to build your user-base and engage them across mobiles and tablets too.

Manage Subscribers

You can manage all subscribers of push notifications of your website, unsubscribe anyone, and can even send a personal notification to a subscriber.

Push Notifications Testing

By sending push notifications first to a specific subscriber of your team, you can test your push notifications settings.

Send Unlimited Notifications

This plugins enables sending unlimited push notifications to your subscribed users from your website.

Custom Notifications Delivery Status and Re-sending

You can check delivery status of custom notifications and can even re-send non-

delivered custom notifications to subscribed users.

Welcome Push Notification

You can configure welcome push notification for the users who are just subscribed for push notifications on your website to make it more appealing / personalized.

Floating Bell Widget to Subscribe / Unsubscribe Notifications

You can show a floating bell throughout your website to provide a quick option for users to subscribe / unsubscribe for the push notifications of your website.

Re-Engage Your Users from Anywhere

Floating Bell widget allow the feature to re-engage your users from any page of your website for browser push notifications as you can display floating bell on all the pages of your website.

Browser Push Notifications or Web push notifications are clickable messages that are sent from a website to its subscribers’ browsers. These are very similar to push notifications in mobile apps, and are accessible on desktops, mobiles, as well as tablets, even when the user is away from your website.

Key Features

  • Instant & Scheduled Delivery

  • Default and Personalized Messaging

  • Support HTTP and HTTPS

  • Support Multiple Browsers

  • Easy & Robust Setup

  • Mobile Compatible


  • Admin can send custom push notifications to Registered Members and Non Registered Members as well.

  • Custom Notification: admin can create his own message / notification and can send to various users (Registered, Non-Logged In, Member Level, Network, Specific) according to his requirement.

    • Advantage: By this you can send targeted messages, eg: On festivals if you want to wish New Year to your users then you can easily compose a push notification and send it to all the Registered Members / Specific Members, etc.

  • Manage Notifications:

    • Can monitor the sent notifications and resend them if required.

    • Can monitor, edit and delete the scheduled notifications.

  • Scheduled Notifications: Notifications can be drafted priorly and scheduled for sending later.
    Example: If admin needs to send a Christmas offers to users just before Christmas but he will be unavailable on required date then, he can schedule the message for that date.

  • Admin can easily manage / monitor / unsubscribe all the logged In and Non-logged In subscribed users.

Why do we need this Plugin?

Get immediate attention of your users

Wherever they are on the web, and bring them back to your website.

Connect to Mobile Users

Without having a Mobile App! Push notifications work on mobile browsers too.

Actionable, Engaging Notifications

Higher Click-through Rates! More effective than email marketing and traditional advertising.

Solid Remarketing

Re-engage your users! Gets actual results for your community.

More Subscribers

One click subscription gets you more subscribers than your newsletters can.

Free: No Infrastructure Cost

Send unlimited push notifications with no separate hosting cost.