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Photo Albums

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  • Admin Features

    • Full Member Control - You control by member level who can upload, view, and edit photos.

    • Photo Album Management - Quickly edit delete entire photo albums right from the Admin Panel. Edit or delete single photos from the front end management.

    • Choose how photo albums display - number of show per page and whether default albums are searchable (blog, forum, etc).

    • Control how many photos can be uploaded to the feed at a time.

    • Full control over privacy, tag and comment options.

    • Full category control so you can create and edit categories to suit your community.

    • Easily monetize on this with subscriptions. Set member levels to allow access to view, upload and edit based on the subscription level.

  • Frontend User Features

    • Rapid File Uploads
      Our real-time progress bar keeps members updated so they’re not left waiting. Entire albums post in just a few clicks.

    • Photo Tagging
      Enable member tagging to create albums rich with comments and mentions, making your community the photo sharing home of the last event, vacation, or shoot.

    • Privacy Options
      Decide what privacy options are available when members upload photos. Everyone? Friends only? You decide!

    • Easy Browsing
      Sort by categories, most recent and most popular, or use keyword searches. Efficient browsing with immediate results.

    • Photo Sharing
      Posts support photo attachments for fresh and diverse content sharing. Members choose what to share and how to share it.

    • Profile Page Photos
      Profile visitors can browse through photo albums to connect and comment. Albums display a visual history of each member’s experiences.

    • Photo Sorting
      Users can set the default sort for their photos in their albums. They can choose from: Recent, Oldest, Set Order. For Set Order, users can drag and drop their photos in the order they want them!

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Create a visually engaging community with Photo Albums!