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  • Admin Features

    • Full Member Control - You control by member level who can create, view, and edit polls.

    • Poll Management - Quickly delete polls right from the Admin Panel. Edit or delete single polls from the front end management.

    • Choose how many polls display per page.

    • Choose how many poll answers are allowed per poll.

    • Control whether votes/answers can be changed.

    • Full control over privacy and comment options.

    • Easily monetize on this with subscriptions. Set member levels to allow access to the polls and whether members can create polls based on the subscription level.

  • Frontend User Features

    Gather community feedback with polls. Members can ask one another questions and see results with illustrated statistical data.

    • Visual Results
      Results are displayed using bar graphs, vote counts, and percentages. Whether for fun or more serious purposes, polls are great tools for you and your members.

    • Custom Questions and Answers
      You and your members can use polls to gather feedback on any topic. Ask a question, supply some answers, and let people participate.

    • Current and Relevant
      Poll lists stay fresh. New polls are visible to members, and old polls go away overtime, so members will be answering the most relevant polls.

    • Easy Browsing
      Search for polls using keywords, or filter by most recent and most popular. Members can browse everyone’s polls or choose to only see polls created by friends.

    • Settings and Privacy
      Control poll visibility, access, and participation, ranging from friends to everyone. You decide how members will create and interact with polls.

    • Private Polls
      Allow members to create private polls that are not visible in search results. Members can safely poll others by controlling poll access and visibility.

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Get to the pulse of your community with Polls!