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My Live Site Upgraded - My feedback

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    July 31, 2017 11:03 AM EDT

    I use SocialEngine for one of my sites. It's a literary network that I imported from phpFox. My site theme is insignia but with changes (I made bigger fonts, changed color, improved forum look, improved widgets, etc).

    This past weekend, I upgraded it from 4.9.2 to 4.9.3. I had no issues. The site is zipping fast and no errors are seen in the logs.

    I will say, it was a clean upgrade. I only use the plugins I make (via ScriptTechs) and those all work fine. 

    Why am I posting? To let you all know how easy an upgrade can be and if there were issues with it. 

    SocialEngine is very easy to upgrade. Basically, just download the files, go in admin and the plugin manager and zoom. You're off.

    I did have a few customizations I made that I had to reapply but I keep good notes and I also keep copies of any changes made. How? I make folders on my computer for mysite/changes and in the changes, I have full paths to the files changes. This makes upgrading a breeze.

    Getting custom from experts? You can do the same thing if you get customizations. Make sure the experts tell you of ANY SocialEngine default files they changed and then grab copies of those files. Use something such as Beyond Compare to check the files before you upgrade. This way, you can reapply changes. 

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    August 4, 2017 6:23 AM EDT

    Thanks Donna for posting this thread. smile
    This is the best way to proceed with upgrading the plugins on the website. It has been observed many a times that clients usually do not maintain the customizations at their end. It's a good practice to keep a doc of all the customizations that have been done with proper formatting. In this way any upgrade can be carried out seamlessly and redoing the changes is also easy when we have the file path and change handy. 

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    September 9, 2017 3:58 AM EDT

    Cool. Is the main script techs site now an SE one?