SEAO Music Plugin Bug - Been unable to resolve.

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    February 11, 2019 2:38 PM EST



    We found that the pages which upload music mp3s 


    - upload and store mp3s even if an alert exists

    - or  the user has not hit submit.


    this should never happen.

    -this creates hundreds of "orphaned" mp3s inadvertently uploaded by users, and lying on the server which builds up costs to us as a social engine platform

    - it creates wasted database records, that can affect performance.

    -makes the platform "unscalable" when you have hundreds of users.

    -besides of course, it being a security hazzard.


    We have stalled off going live from 2 years , just cause of these legitimate concerns.


     We've been concerned with this for a while and brought this up repeatedly,  including having elongated back and forths with the dev (ticket), created step by step video to reproduce the issue , but seem to be unable to communicate it to the dev.


    heres a video.


    We've found this happens on these upload pages

    1) Upload Music 

    2) Page/Msite - Add Music

     as said afore, "Uploads are serious business" -(forms validation,audio,video,photos,documents)


    -and should be addressed as a priority.


    all 3dp plugins need to be robustly tested before being released in the marketplace for sale. 22 cents

    TEST,TEST TEST and RE-TEST the products, provide tech manuals so admins can help fix if theres a bug, be transparent so that we can all help build better plugins.


    Let's get serious and fix these issues, so we can become a scalable world class platform for social engine

    has anybody else run into this issue?






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    February 12, 2019 7:15 AM EST

     Hi playmusician

    We have replied in the support ticket for the above shared concerns. We request you to please check the support ticket for the same.

    Thank You.