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    March 30, 2019 11:02 AM EDT

    Where can I find API documentation for SocialEngine Unite? I found the following webpage, but I'm not sure that it's for SocialEngine Unite: 

    Thank you!


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    March 30, 2019 11:13 AM EDT

    Hi Joan, It's not available yet. The one you found is for the SE Cloud which is deprecated. We do have API documentation on our todo list. :)

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    March 30, 2019 11:30 AM EDT

    Thanks, Donna! Do you have an estimate for when the beta version of the cloud API might be available? Also, am I correct that the self-hosted version of SEU might be released around the fourth quarter? I thought I read that on the forums, but I can't find it now to confirm. Anyway, I'll keep my eye open for the releases. I have an app idea but I really don't want to re-create the wheel. :)



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    March 30, 2019 11:31 AM EDT

    I found the info about self-hosted SEU: mid- to late-2019 :)

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    April 1, 2019 7:56 AM EDT

    I should clarify. The current cloud API documentation still is valid for the legacy cloud sites and will still work in the Unite platform if legacy stuff was already set up. 

    The new Unite API documentation will be coming by the time we have the legacy cloud importer ready. I can't say for sure a date as our core developer has it on the schedule but any critical bugs bump it down the list as critical issues get done first. 

    Yes we do hope to have self hosted ready by our posted timeframe but again, if any critical bugs come up, we fix those asap. :)