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Adding Links to SE (linkttrading, traffic)

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    July 4, 2019 12:16 PM EDT

    I want to start linktrading to increase traffic to my site and so I need to be able to display links on my landing page. Is there a plugin or something else that I can use for that? Or is my only option to add links in the layout editor in a html block?

    I was using the i4US PHP BLOCK plugin in the layout editor before and included a php code that would pull the code from my Links Organiser script from another server and I would add/delete trades from from the LO backend. Worked fine. However, now when I try to do the same my whole site becomes unreachable (error 500) and maybe because the script redirects the whole site.. Host had to perform a site recovery. Don't feel like trying it again, lol

    Any thoughts? Thanks