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New type of post page

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    July 19, 2019 12:08 AM EDT

    Not sure this need to be feature request yet, and maybe there is a work around to achieve this...

    What I am trying to do is build a post page in which members can make posts but rather than posting as themselves to their timeline they are posting to that particular page. Then the posts made to that page show one that page as well as the main timeline, but other posts from other members not made on that particular page do not show.

    Confusing a bit....Ok think of it a say a job board page. All members can post to that page and those posts stay on that page.

    So I started with a post widget then under that a post stream widget, all good, but then all posts that my member acct follows still show on the page, so I tried creating a specific user to own that page, like a dummy account that all members can post through, couldn't link the page to the user but only by way of a membership level, so also didn't work.

    Any ideas? It could be a cool feature and probably a simple one to implement, just want to ask if there is a possible work around that can achieve this.

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    July 19, 2019 5:49 AM EDT

    Hmmm. We do have Groups coming later on. That might work as they'll  have their own activity feeds that'll also show in main feed if public. Private groups wouldn't show in the main feed.

    As for your feature idea, I don't see it as useful for a good percent of clients but feel free to submit a feature request if you don't think the Group app would work for you once it's out. 

    For now, the only idea I can come up with is to use Discussions and put it in that. Create a category for it and have them contained within that category. 

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    August 25, 2019 8:34 PM EDT

    Tks Donna I think the Discussions approach could work.

    Further on this....When one sets up a widget (any widget) in the settings of the widget there is an input box called Parameters. Not sure how to use this yet but is it possible in say the Feed widget to use Parameters to show only say a particular hashtag and then that page would only show the posts with the associated hashtag?

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    August 26, 2019 6:10 AM EDT

    We don't have our developer documents ready, which would allow you to see tips for using code. I've asked a core developer your question and hope to get an answer for you. :)