Sneak peek on what’s coming up in August 2019 from SNS !

  • July 31, 2019 1:54 AM EDT

    These past few months, we’ve been busy in revamping our main demo & other development work of new & very useful products Courses - Learning Management System Plugin, Advanced Petitions Plugin & most astonishing Go Social Theme which we will soon be releasing this August!

    And you get straight to the point - You will love to have these plugins if you want to create complete LMS (Learning Management System) or want petitions on your site. Also the Go Social theme can be proved as the megahit for your site if you want to create a community based website just like our new main demo.


    Go Social Theme
    The best suited theme for your community based website with the fully customization options for header, body, footer, HTML banners, Signup / Signin Popups and many more… The fascinating Landing Page coming with this theme will surely give you a complete community based look & feel to your website just like our main demo and the eye catching site setup with this theme will surely gonna attract your site visitors.
    Courses - Learning Management System Plugin
    This plugin allows you to create and run online courses like Udemy. A perfect LMS plugin includes features for managing your online Classrooms which have courses content, handling tests & lectures, accepting payments for test & lectures, online certificates for qualified tests etc. This plugin simply allows you to create:
    • User can create unlimited Classroom.
    • User can create unlimited Courses.
    • Courses can have lectures & tests.
    • User can Buy free / paid courses.
    • User can create Lectures (via Uploading videos & documents).
    • User can Create Test & Give Test.
    • Add to Wishlist.
    • User can Post Reviews.
    • PayPal Payment Method for buy courses
    • Dashboard to manage Courses & their orders.
    • Many more..
    Advanced Petitions Plugin
    This plugin is very useful for those who want to create their petition based website just like or need petitions section at his site. With the help of this plugin you can:
    • Create unlimited petitions.
    • Petitions can have signature goal, Decision Makers, Updates (Announcements).
    • Members can submit their signatures on petitions.
    • Decision Makers can approve petitions.
    • Petitions can be marked as victory.
    • Many more…


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    Before we get any complaints, this is allowed as the other post was announcing a name change and we had said for that, each developer who has to change their company name can make a post here in the community to announce the change. So this does not break the "one promoting" post per month. 

    Thank you for the cool upcoming products!

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    August 1, 2019 11:41 AM EDT

    learning module looks cool