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Subscription Choices Failing When Not First Step

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    October 9, 2019 5:15 AM EDT

    BUG : Subscription Choices Failing to Display When Not First Step In Sign Up Process


    I have 2 plans trial & paid.

    The trial is the default but both are set to display as a choice for sign up

    When I set the subscription choice as the first step in the sign up process it displays as expected with all enabled options displayed

    If the subscription choice is dragged to the second step (after Create Account) only the default trial plan is given as an option and the display layout is broken.


    When first step in the signup and the expected display 

    When second step in the signup 

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    October 9, 2019 5:39 AM EDT

    This is not a bug. The instructions mention not to change the order of the first two items. Please follow the guidelines as it cannot be changed.

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    October 9, 2019 5:46 AM EDT

    I should say just those first two cannot be changed. The rest can. :)

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    October 9, 2019 6:22 AM EDT

    Oh OK sorry I never saw that and just assumed I could as it was a) possible & b) seemed to make more sense

    Thank you for the quick reply 

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    October 9, 2019 6:31 AM EDT

    No problem! If you would like to submit a feature request to change it, please do so but due to the logic of the process, I am not sure if we can change it easily. However, feel free to submit one anyway if you would like. :)