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Splash Page Image ( info Update)

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    November 16, 2019 11:55 AM EST

    Hei Guys.
    Mikel here.
    I got some news regarding ' adding a photo / image ' into your splash page 'intro' section...

    I know some members have not been able to create logos for their intro pages or for their sites and have problems with servers and websites on which to store their images.

    Its a bit long, so get yourselves a drink and snacks.

    Years ago I was into internet advertising, adverts and such like I used to have the old  Microsoft Frontpage system ( who remembers that from years ago). and on occasion I had to create  or turn images into HTML. (personally I didn't know coding then so I used a free software). I stopped doing advertising and forgotten all about it. now years later I was going through some old notes and papers I wrote, ( a how to guides).

    Now that I have Unite I wanted to add an image to my intro, just like SE does on it SE Unite landing page.
    The only way I could do it was if I saved the image to a another server or another website, but that didn't make me happy.. In my mind I knew there was a way of converting images into HTML.

    In the meantime I created a bad looking logo just using text in a 'Microsoft word text box' just altering the letter size and colours and placed into the Splash page intro section.. see image..

    Think you will agree, pretty bad. but it worked.

    now that I found an old website that has the 'image into HTML converter' software I tried it out to see if was still viable and safe.

    I created a logo using my 'Microsoft publisher software' (used for making adverts, leaflets and such things. so this is how logo looks now... see image...

    To me this is great. now my landing page looks much better, even better on mobile devices.

    So I ran this by SE first before posting this Info, just wanted their input first.

    HOW TO..
    First things first.
    safety. never paste html onto / into your site until you have:
    1, backed up your site.
    2, run an anti-virus scan on the html text first before placing into your site.
    3, test it on your test site first if you have one..
    No one likes to break their toys...

    If anyone has 'Microsoft Publisher or Word' I have always used these to create images and printed info leaflets and other stuff, for me they are fantastic tools to have, but you can use an equivalent.

    Step 1: create your logo..
    tip: keep it simple clean and try not to use to many colours, up to 5 is good. the more complex the image, the more html code is created.

    Step 2: save your image in your image / picture file on your computer.
    Step 3: go to website:
    info: this site is not supported / approved by SE but ive used it many times with no problems. but I still carry out virus scans and tests.
    Step 4: on the homepage you will see a box ( image to html) free trial tool.
    Step 5: click 'upload image'. upload your image.
    Step 6: click 'convert'
    Step 7: Download the html image text into you downloads files area on your computer and save.
    tip: don't copy and past into word document. the html code will just appear as on word over many pages.
    Step 8: if you can, carry out an anti-virus scan on html text.

    Now you have done all this we can continue to upload it to your SE Unite Site.
    Step 9: login to your SE Unite site.
    Step 10: go to,  ACP > Appearance > Splash Page > Intro
    Step 11: go your downloads file and open up the file. you should see an image of your new logo.
    Step 12: Click on the image and choose ' inspect element' all the html code text will appear.
    Step 13: 'copy and paste' copy the html text code and place it into your 'Intro' section.
    Step 14: save.
    Step 15: Refresh your site.
    Step 16: log out of your site
    Step 17: clear your internet history of cookies and other junk.
    Step 18: now go back to your site, you should see your new logo, try on several devices.

    All this looks long but I did it all within 2 minutes. Really fast.

    Image info: 
    The images are not stored on servers or websites.

    I have checked image on several devices and they all upload and visually look great, but different devices show things in different ways and standards.

    I hope this is of use to some members and inspirational to others..

    Any issues with creating your images, just ask me or other members for help, there are much more tech and coding knowledgeable members on here than I am..

    Thanks people.

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    November 18, 2019 5:19 AM EST

    Thank you for posting your tips! I'm sure they'll help others looking for tips for the splash page. 

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    November 20, 2019 12:59 PM EST

    Hi guys..

    I know people have viewed this post but If any one has tried this, please leave a quick comment of what you think and how it worked out for you..its just so other members can get some ideas..


    thanks, mikel.

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    November 20, 2019 7:16 PM EST

    I am not sure all how SEU works so forgive me if I am not understanding exactly why this method is being used, but there are disadvantages with using base64 encoded images. Base64 images should normally only be used with smaller image files such has your menu/social media icons etc.

    Is this because SEU has no way to add a normal graphic logo to the landing page?

    oh, and you should defiantly use an appropriate text editor if you are dealing with code in any way. I recommend Sublime Text 3. A word document sometimes has a funny way of adding hidden characters when things are CTRL+C & CTRL+V. 

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    November 24, 2019 10:04 AM EST

    Hei Casey

    At the moment (as I know) SEU does not have the built in tech to add Images to the splash page 'intro' section. however to do this it is advised to upload your image to a secondary server or a secondary website. Hopefully an SE tech can correct / advise me on this.

    The method I have used (and have used many times in the past for creating online business adverts) work. I wont pretend to know the techy side of it but I am not getting any error reports or other issues related to this method. But just in case I would always suggest and carry out safety checks first. I see your point about hidden characters. Also the html coding can be long. there are ways to shorten the coding but I don't know what it is.

    So your suggestion is

    Use: sublime text 3 ..

    just for other members and my info, what is 'sublime text 3' and where can we get it / use it.


    thanks casey


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    November 25, 2019 4:21 AM EST

    Sublime is something I use as well. I also use Netbeans and Brackets. Brackets is free, ;. Sublime I think has a free version, ;. And netbeans is also free, ; . The one I like best is Sublime as it's easier to use the find feature and search through all files to find what you might need. But for heavier coding, I use Netbeans. Then for Unite coding I use PHPstorm but that's expensive.