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How to Uninvite an email address

  • gs
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    August 27, 2017 3:55 PM EDT

    Either I'm simply missing something that is right in front of me, or this function doesn't exist. 

    Question#01: How/where do I cancel an invitation in ADMINcp (I don't see a Menu Item for this)?

    Question#02: How/where may I see the list of emails/Invitation Codes in ADMINcp?

    Question#03: How/where am I able to import a list (.csv or whatever format) of addresses w/Invitation Codes, or is this a 3rd-Party Customization?

    Thanks for your help.





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  • gs
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    August 27, 2017 4:08 PM EDT

    Question#04: Is there are requirement that each email address have a different Invite Code, or may some use different Invite Codes and others use the same Code?

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    August 28, 2017 6:32 AM EDT

    All of 1-3 would be via database as I don't see those features. Item 4 would be a customization or check for a third party plugin in case one is already there. Perhaps there is a plugin that covers items 1-4.

  • gs
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    August 28, 2017 10:05 AM EDT
    Thanks Donna - thats what I was afraid of.
    Already checked Plugins prior to posting. Will request customization.

    RE Question#04 Does SE care if code is same or different among email addresses? i.e 1000 invites - will this work no matter what their code is - the same or 10 diff codes or 1000 diff codes?
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    August 28, 2017 10:49 AM EDT

    I don't know. Best thought is to test it on a development site and see if they work. 

    I too would like to be able to remove invites without needing db stuff. I had thought of this on my own site last week and never brought it up as I got distracted. Glad you did. Do you want this moved to feature requests (where you can flesh it out a bit more)?

  • gs
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    August 28, 2017 12:32 PM EDT

    ==>"..Best thought is to test it on a development site and see if they work. "

    RE: Item#04, I don't believe I have a way of testing this myself as there's no place for me to enter the Invite Code.  So although I can create dummy email address and view the codes received in those emails, I can't actually enter codes myself to see how SE works.  That's why I asked the question in the first place - any code should work if all SE is doing is looking up the email address + Invite Code for a match, but should in my world of programming has always been a meaningless term :)


    ==>"Do you want this moved to feature requests (where you can flesh it out a bit more)?"

    For me, no - don't bother. I need this soon, and since no other FRs that I've made at github or here have been developed, my faith in any of them ever being included is low :(  I will turn my focus to creating an 'Advanced ADMINcp' type Plugin, including some of the FRs I've requested as well as some that other's have posted.  I simply can't wait indefinitely to find out if any will ever be included, and then who knows how long after that.  Plus I might make back the initial costs if there's an agreement between me and the Dev to share a portion of the Plugin revenue.  But if not, that's okay - at least I'll have the functionality I require soon, rather than later or never at all.

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    August 29, 2017 6:12 AM EDT

    We have been working on fixing things first before adding more features. It doesn't help to introduce new when there are issues to resolve first. It is coming along pretty well though. :) Thanks for your support.

  • September 9, 2017 3:16 AM EDT

    Hey GS. I have a dirty hack you could use to get around all of these problems.

    1. Navigate to Engine4Invites in your database. Best way is to use php My Admin. There you can cancel invitations by removing the email address.

    2. The same database table lists all the invitation codes.

    3. This requires some online tools and core file edits. First, you need to navigate to /application/modules/invite/model/db/invites.php. Open the file and scroll until you see the max number of invitations you can send at one time. Change this from 10 to any number you like. Once you do, save the changes. Note you'll need to go to the language editor and edit the line stating invite up to 10 recipients found on the main invite page. Now, go to php my admin and change the database setting for only accepting 10 emails at a time on the invitation form via engine4Settings. Scroll down until you see max invitations, then change this from 10 to the same number you set in the invites.php file. Save your changes in the database and then get your .csv file ready for editing. You'll need to open the .csv file in a text editor. Hit control plus A to select all the text, then hit Control plus C to copy it. Close the file in the text editor. Now, go to this site and paste the contents of the .csv file in to there. Click on extract email addresses. Next, go to the site and find the tool that says find and replace text. You highlight and copy the text output from the email extractor site into the main input box, replacing the default instructions you see there. You replace the default ,  with the new line and then hit replace. Now you take your text, scroll down to the last character of the final email listed there, and put in a new line. Navigate to the home page of again and look for the tool called remove duplicate lines. Highlight, copy and paste the text output from the find and replace page into there and click on remove duplicate lines. Once done, you are ready to paste the result of that directly into the email input of the invitation form and once done, hit send. Social Engine usually accepts the input no problem, but if you get an error, then maximize your process time out and request time out settings to -1 in php.ini settings. That's how you send multiple invitations at once in Social Engine.

    4. There's no duplication prevention of sending friend requests or multiple invitations to the same or different emails in social engine. You get what you're given even with the invitation code setting and there's no way to force check or edit this setting by default.

    I hope this helps. The only way to check to see if you have duplicate invite entries, is to export the engine4Invites table, filter it into the text mechanic website, and use the tool find and replace to filter out all recurring excess data tables and code. You do this by saving the database output export file as a ms Excel spreadsheet. Then you replace the ";" with new lines. Then filter the entire text result through the remove duplicate lines tool from text mechanic.

    That's how modern day email management works in social engine. It's so crude that you have to go through the same process manually by visiting every single page of your members management area, copy all the text from each page, sometimes because you can't edit the display of how many members can be displayed per pagination links, into a blank text file. Then filter it through the email extractor tool just to get an accurate count of how many members you have if you ever wished to email anyone off site or export or import your list you have to manually save, in to something like Mail Chymp or another email program for easy template access.

    Social Engine alas will never ever become a cms. You need to repeat the process over time if you want an accurate count of things members do when trying to spread the word about your site through what should be direct means, but what in fact ends up being a bloated nightmare to deal with in general.

  • gs
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    September 9, 2017 3:39 PM EDT

    Wow Elshara - thanks for the detailed option.  I'm already on to Plan B (using a Member Import Plugin instead), but may revisit what you've detailed if/when needed.  Thanks.


    ==>"Social Engine alas will never ever become a cms."

    My hope is it will once things get caught up and we're ahead of game, rather than seeming to play catch-up all the time.  There seems to be some momentum in the past 1+ years and my hope is this momentum will eventually move SE to be more leading than following.