SocialEngine PHP 4.9.4 p1 Patch Released

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    August 28, 2017 2:31 PM EDT

    Due to some issues with Ubuntu servers and the vendors folder, we've released a patch, Version 4.9.4p1, in the client area. This patch addresses the issue with not being able to move past the vendor folder step as it wouldn't delete, and with issues for the packages and plugins area again for Ubuntu servers. Most clients won't see these issues.

    Before upgrading, please fully read the upgrade steps as we added a step for a patch file you need to upload. It is very important you do this step before upgrading if you have Ubuntu servers. It's possible some other server configurations could also see the issue so it wouldn't hurt if you all uploaded the patch file before proceeding to upgrade.

    Remember to unzip the se-patch-950 file you download from the upgrade tutorial, open that folder and upload both of the folders you see in there (application and install) as stated in the tutorial. After that, run the normal upgrade steps. If you aren't sure how to do this, and if you have support, please do contact our support from your client dashboard and we can load these two folders for you. If you want us to upgrade your site, you'll need to purchase the upgrade service though.

    Once you are upgraded to 4.9.4p1, these steps won't be necessary again.

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    September 9, 2017 1:13 AM EDT

    What's the "Vendors" folder for?

    Is it a Git Hub reference? A cloud service of some kind? I know it is brand new as of 4.9.4. I know what the concept is used for, but why is it a part of social engine if it is what I think it is?

    Also, this patch. Does it apply to Cloud Linux? I took a peak at the files inside. I did discover a few things about it that makes me think it is not yet apart of the core script, and removing it at this stage wouldn't effect anything major.

    A site I currently admin for at the moment, is having an issue with invitation duplicates not being sent and so because of this issue, requiring a core file modification social engine team developer Ray made, upgrading to 4.9.4 itself from 4.9.3 is not going to happen. The Vendor folder was released with 4.9.4. This is of course a site specific issue, as upgrading my own site did not have any issues, although I do have other non related issues of my own I know are specific to my own server configurations. Something I'm not keen on altering any further if at all possible, because ever since I upgraded to 4.9.0, all of the issues I've been having with my own site started appearing. This all began with the patch to upgrade from 4.8.13 to 4.9.0. Applying the second patch from 4.9.2 to 4.9.2p1 also caused random issues to pop up. So now, when applying another patch from 4.9.4 to 4.9.4p1, I'm hesitant to do so but I'm going to anyways hoping nothing else will cause anymore server erratic behavior on my end.

    Anyways this is me just being worried about random things. Probably means nothing on a global scale but thought I'd mention it. Things like this happen with upgrades and file changes over time.

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    September 12, 2017 9:57 AM EDT

    The vendor folder is a required part of our product now. It contains things used for LESS processing and will contain any other vendor items we need to use for the script. It is a cleaner way of doing things, up to current standards. As we improve our script, things like this will improve as well. 

    The patch allows servers that stop the upgrade from working to let it work. My server would not allow the vendor folder to be deleted. I use Ubuntu. It has more security than some others. Due to that extra security, the deletion issue happened. With this patch, it safely allows the upgrade to complete on hosts that have stricter permissions, such as Ubuntu.