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Does V5 improve the members search features ?

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    February 29, 2020 12:36 AM EST


    I would like to know if after so many years, your last version of SE PHP V5 finally include the feature to have a real LOGICAL member search and especially the possibility to create a field where we choose only 1 option during the registration process and who permit to select multiple option in the search member page (feature who exist since more than 2 years in phpfox) :

    For exemple (need it for many question fields but to understand, i'll apply this logic to the eye color) : 

    eye color: when you register you can choose only 1 value (logic because you've got only one color for you), but in the member search listing i need to have the pssibility to choose multiple value (because i don't want to have to restart search for each eye color which interests me)

    same things for many other field like ethnicity, body hair, etc ...

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    February 29, 2020 6:03 AM EST

    Topic moved to proper area as this isn't a feature request.

    We suggest for you to read our release blogs as releases are made in order to keep up with new features. The feature you ask about was detailed in our 4.10.5 release several months ago. and the Profile Question tutorial updated at that time to include how to use it: