New tab on profil and Multi-Profiles

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    April 1, 2020 10:56 AM EDT


    We would like to create a section in the profiles of our members.

    For example: Skills

    And create a new tab in the PROFILE SECTION that members could complete.
    We would like this data not to be on the same page as the profile information but in a new tab.

    Do you think this is possible?

    We looked for an ADDONS but without finding.


    The other solution would be to create a MULTI-PROFILE account
    A member who registers could have 2 level of members

    For example :

    Footballer and Goal
    Footballer and attacker.

    Do you think there are such ADDONS ? Or do you have a solution ?

    Thank you in advance.

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    April 2, 2020 5:41 AM EDT

    The tabs on the profile (above the activity feed) are all in a tabbed container available in the Layout Editor for Member Profile. You would need something that allows Profile Questions to be added to another page. I can move this to the third party discussions area or the feature requests to experts if you would like. 

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    April 2, 2020 12:28 PM EDT

    It's a good idea.

    Thanks a lot !