Calendar to replace birthday field

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    April 29, 2020 4:54 AM EDT


    We would like to replace the 3 Anniversary fields (Day - Month - Year) with a
    another more modern system. A block with a calendar like this is done on all sites.
    In fact, it is not very elegant and very difficult to understand on the mobile part.
    Thank you in advance

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    April 29, 2020 6:21 AM EDT

    I'm not sure what you mean. Do you have a screenshot? Is this a feature request for third party experts? I can move it to that section if so. 

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    May 1, 2020 3:18 AM EDT

    Hello Donna,

    In fact, if we choose the birthday field for registration, we have 3 fields in the form.

    1 for the day, 1 for the month and 1 for the year.

    We would have preferred a real calendar.

    See Attachment.

    These three fields are really unprofessional ...

    In advance thank you


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    May 1, 2020 5:50 AM EDT

    Oh ok I see. That looks interesting. I wonder if it would work for accessibility too.

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    May 4, 2020 7:09 PM EDT

    Support for this request. Use some kind of modern calendar request for setting birthday instead of drop down.

    something like this Or whichever the latest standard is that is open source.

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    May 8, 2020 12:58 PM EDT

    Thank you.

    This is important and it would make the site more professional.

    However, during the update, the old data should not be deleted.

    Thanks in advance